More Fall Adventures

Well hi there! Long time no blog! There are a couple reasons for this. One, I only like to blog from my work laptop because I can’t get Windows Live Writer to download on my desktop so that means I need to blog when I have my laptop at home with me or I guess at work. I’ve been way to busy to blog at work (plus is that really ethical?) and when I am home I’ve also been busy! Two, nothing too exciting has been happening. Actually, I was in charge of most of our meals this week and probably should have tried to document them but oh well!

On the exercise front I haven’t officially started up my training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon yet. This is probably a good thing as I seem to have a minor injury. Last weekend my back was sore, I’m pretty sure it was from something I did while teaching Group Strength. Well, I’m not really sure when this started but my right ankle/foot started really hurting earlier this week. I sprained this ankle about 8 years and it flares up every now and then. After I had an awesome run on Tuesday it really hurt. I even resorted to wearing my air cast for a little extra support. I had to teaching Wednesday and Thursday and it didn’t seem to aggravate it. Even though it feels much better today I decided to play it safe and not to run this morning. I hit the pool instead doing 36 laps before the sun came up. I’m sure it will be fine! I’m glad I’m not training though, injuries stress me out!

Yesterday Brian and I went on another adventure. As I mentioned he’s a HUGE hunter but due to some recent flooding his duck hunting opportunities have kind of stunk this season. Which is also a bummer for Izzy because she LOVES to retrieve the ducks. We decided to head out on the river last night to scope some areas out. It was REALLY beautiful out, we seem to be having an Indian Summer it was in the 70’s yesterday and is suppose to be 80 today!


Even though I was wearing my mucky boots I stayed in the boat at our first stop (less mosquitos) and took some pictures.




At our second stop I got out and followed Brian and Izzy around. He was hoping she would find a duck that someone did retrieve.


“I can’t find any dad. No ducks here!” Well, at least Izzy had fun running around and now Brian has some ideas of where to hunt. I just enjoyed being outside on the water.

We got home with plenty of time to watch Survivor (DVRed) and The Office. Did you see the Office last night? Would you believe that my brother and his girl friend are in community production of Sweeney Todd which opens TONIGHT at The Muse! What a coincidence! We are going out to dinner with my parents and then to the show! What a fun way to kick off the weekend. Other than that I’m not sure what’s on tap for the weekend. I have to teach at the Y tomorrow morning and then I’m not sure what. Sunday I have to work at church but not until later. We shall see! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! See you later!


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