A Wicked Irish Christmas!

Hey there! How’s Monday going for you? Ready to tackle another week? Mine has been pretty fine so far!

So yesterday my mom and dad took me to Madison to see the play Wicked! This was an early Christmas present for me and our day couldn’t have been more perfect.

I started out my morning with my first run since the half marathon. It was 34 degrees out when I woke up! I broke out the gloves, headband, and running tights!


I had a really awesome run! 4 miles in about 38 minutes. I felt really great the whole time! I took about a week off from running but I sure did miss it. After my run I ate breakfast and got ready for the day. My parents picked me up and we made the trek to Madison. Our first stop was this cool little market my parents discovered call Brennan’s. They had tons of fresh fruit and veggies and lots of other unique food items, plus free wine tasting!

100_1545 100_1543


Even some cheese in the shape of Bucky the Badger!


My dad wanted to stop there so he could by “The World’s Best Peaches!” from Idaho and some unique plum hybrid. After the market it was off to dinner.

Per the the suggestion of Brian’s cousin Barb plus a few searches on the Internet, I decided I wanted to go to an Irish Pub called Brocach.


It was right across the street from this lovely site!


The restaurant interior was really cool! I was told historically this building use to be a old time soda fountain and candy shop. There was even an Irish band playing!



We started off with a round of drinks. Murphy’s Stout for dad, Smithwicks for me, and a glass of Riesling for mom! Cheers!


For dinner I ordered the Wild Alaskan Salmon:

Grilled Alaskan salmon with wild mushroom risotto, butternut squash bisque and fig relish 


This was so amazing! I honestly cannot describe the taste it was so complex. I don’t think I have ever really tried figs and I think their sweetness combined with some type of spicy seasoning really made it a delectable dish! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! I will remember that dinner for a long time!

My dad had the Wild Mushroom Pasta:

RPs black pepper fettuccini with wild mushrooms, spinach, brown butter and parmesan


Also very good and unique! My mom got the same dish as I did. I HAD to get to dessert when I saw that they had Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheese Cake!


It was DEVINE! This was such a wonderful and unique dining experience, not what I expected at all from a “pub” type restaurant. I would most definitely go back!

After dinner we headed over to the Overture Center  for the show which was only a few blocks from the restaurant. They had the theater decorated with green lighting and other “Wicked” theme decor for the show. It’s a really beautiful theater!




Of course there is no photography allowed during the show. It was an AMAZING musical. I had heard the music before but it made so much more sense after I saw the show. The actresses and actors were so talented. I was so glad I got to see it!

As we exited the theater we had one more glance of the capitol at night.


It was such a great Christmas present! Thanks mom and dad!

We got home pretty late last night but I was able to sleep in this morning (no workout today), got my hair cut and have been getting some cleaning done around the house. Hope you’re having a great start to your week!


One response to “A Wicked Irish Christmas!

  1. i want Bucky cheese!

    so glad you had a great time. My heart LONGS for the madcity. (as you know 🙂 )

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