Fallen for Fall!

Hi there! Happy Saturday! I didn’t think I’d get a chance to post or have anything fun to post about but here I am!

I have really fallen in love with the Fall season this year. Living in Wisconsin it sometimes seems like we skip Fall and go right to winter! Not this year! After a very hot and humid summer the day the calendar switched over to September the temperatures fell to the low 70’s and mid 60’s. Now that it is October we’re seeing the 50’s. Wouldn’t it be nice if next month we saw 50’s and 40’s and then slowing eased into the 30’s for December?

I’m also loving the flavors of Fall. Last night I cooked the easiest most delicious Fall stew in the Crock-Pot! I used this recipe from Kate at What Kate Ate.


I pretty much followed the recipe to a “T” except I used venison instead of beef (would you have expected anything else?) and used one small onion instead of half of one. I also sprinkled some garlic and other spices in. When I was home for lunch all the liquid had been absorbed so I added some more beef stock. It turned out wonderfully! Brian and I thought adding mushrooms would also be good.

Had it with pumpkin beer of course!


And some of Gardner’s bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


I was in class most of today and I’m pretty sure I know what this furry creature did while I was gone.


Izzy is so lazy! And I am about to be too. I already have my jammy pants on and have a hot date with the DVR!

Tomorrow I hope to get in my first run since the half marathon and then I’m going to Madison to see Wicked! I’m so EXCITED! See you later!

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