A walk through fall

Hello and happy Friday to you! I hope you are enjoying the day! This morning I was going to go for my first run since the half marathon but instead I did something I haven’t done since my triathlon in June. I went swimming! Yesterday when  I taught at the Y I walked by the pool and gazed longingly at the calm blue water. I love swimming but with training and teaching there just isn’t time! My back was kind of hurting me yesterday and I decided swimming would be better for it than running! I had a great swim, only about 30 laps in about 35 minutes but it was nice to be back in the pool!

So, if I haven’t mentioned it before my husband is a HUGE hunter! This is the busiest time of year for hunting. Bow season opened up about two weeks ago, last weekend he was hunting in northern Wisconsin for ducks, this week duck hunting opens here, and before you know it gun season will be upon us. Needless to say with my crazy schedule we hardly get to see each other. Last night Brian and his friend were going to go “scouting” for ducks back in some valleys and he suggested I come along with the camera to see if I could get any fall shots. I readily agreed!

Before leaving Brian made us some delicious stuffed venison burgers and we ate them on Gardner’s homemade artisan bread that he sent us through the mail!


I had mine with a sweet potato and fresh beans from our garden (probably the last). Yum!

Then I got my mucky boots on and we headed out!


We picked up Brian’s friend in Stoddard and decided to check out the flooding down by the boat landing.


Crazy! We drove quite a ways on some back country roads that I had never been on. When we got there it was well worth the drive!


It was so quiet and peaceful out there! While we walked along the stream we saw some friendly faces.


And some fall vegetation (milkweed).


We drove back to Stoddard and dropped Brian’s friend off. We headed back to town and stopped at the store for a few things. Look what I just happened to find!


Brian said the look of joy on my face as he came around the corner and saw me running towards the cart and  juggling multiple cans of pumpkin was priceless! He suggested I get a whole case. So, I did!


Oh pumpkin how I’ve missed you! You can bet I had some pumpkin oatmeal this morning!

It was a fun little adventure and I’m glad I got to spend some time  with Brian and outside on possibly one of the last nice days of the season.

Tonight and tomorrow I have class and then I’m off to Madison to see Wicked (SO EXCITED!!!!). Not sure if I’ll post again until Monday so if I don’t have a great weekend!

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