How NOT to recover after a race!

Well hello there! So so so very sorry for leaving you hang’n. I have grad school this weekend and we have a 15-20 page paper due. I had about 18 pages written but on Sunday night began doubting myself as to if I did the assignment correctly so I’ve been trying to sort that out and literally EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of free time I have has been spent on that.  Thank goodness I’m done training for the half marathon and thank goodness for my DVR! I should probably be working on it now but I just needed a break!

So, I had an AWESOME half marathon experience. All my training and preparing paid off. I felt so awesome during and after the race. I was so proud of myself! I started out doing what I had planned for recovery. I knew I was going to be sitting at the parade during the afternoon so I wanted to take and ice bath as soon as I could after the race. I was surprisingly not hungry after racing and forced myself to eat a little of the bread I made Friday night before I jumped in the ice bath. While in the tub I remember that I had bought chocolate milk as a recovery drink. I slammed that down as I was racing to get back to the parade. I had to park pretty far from the parade route but I thought a little walk would be good to keep my legs loose.

I was thoroughly enjoying the parade but still wasn’t hungry, which is really odd for me. I am usually STARVING after running that far. I munched on a few chipolte pecans my dad had made which were AWESOME! I must get the recipe from him! But that was about it. Then I started to “celebrate”.


I had two pumpkin beers during the parade and that small cup I’m holding is a “pudding shot.” Some kind girls we were sitting near offered us one. It had Bailey’s Irish Creme, vodka, pudding, and whip cream. It was DELICOUS! After that I realized I should probably eat something. My mom had brought along hot dogs. I still wasn’t hungry but I forced myself to eat one and chugged some water. Later I munched on a piece of string cheese and an apple. Still after running 13.1 miles over the period of 2 hours and burning almost 1800 calories I should have eaten more, or at least consumed my calories in a healthier form than beer.

I was still pretty peppy after the parade and rather than go home and put my feet up I thought it would be a good idea to meet up with my friend Amy and her hubby Ryan at the Festgrounds. Her parents were also there and the beer began to flow! Not a good idea! Then I met up with these two crazy kids!


That’s my brother and his girlfriend. They are in a local production of Sweeney Todd and marched in the parade to promote it. The beer continued to flow as we listened to a great band. At one point I realized I was a little hungry so I got some crab Rangoon that were REALLY garlicky. I didn’t really enjoy them but knew I should eat SOMETHING!

Pretty early on in the evening (I’d say 7:30pm) I hit a major wall. The race, the alcohol, and not refueling properly caught up with me. I just wanted to go home and go to bed. My brother thought I should eat something and we headed to a pizza place. I could not stomach the thought of eating ANYTHING. Finally my brother took me home and I went straight to bed at 9:30pm.

I felt AWFUL the next day. It took me pretty much the whole day to recover. For someone who is so healthy 99% of the time I really messed up. I was pretty down on myself. I mean here my wonderful body carried me 13.1 miles, nearly effortlessly and look what I did to it in return? Don’t worry my body let me know how mad it was at me the next day. I acknowledged that I made a huge mistake and  I got over it, lesson learned. It really got me thinking about how being healthy is so much more than losing weight. It’s about honoring the gift that is your body. I was so amazed at what my body did for me during the race and I know I should have respected that, that I should respect what a gift my body and my health is every day! I have been very kind to my body ever since. I tried to eat well on Sunday and even took a yoga class. I’ve been eating pretty healthy since than too. I haven’t run since the race but I taught Zumba, Cycling (twice) and Group Strength. I plan on getting a run in tomorrow. 

So that’s what’s new with me! I have grad school tomorrow night and all day Saturday and then on Sunday I’m going with my parents to Madison to see Wicked! I am so totally pumped! We are hoping to go out to eat before the show. Any Madison readers out there have any suggestions? I really wanted to go to Bluphies but it is closed for a special event 😦

Hopefully once this major paper is done I can get back to regular posting!

Don’t forget! Honor your body!


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