Welcoming Fall!

Hey friends! How’s Monday treating you? Mine has been SUPER productive! This is technically a taper week in my running schedule which means I’m only suppose to run two times before the race on Saturday. Since I ran yesterday I decided to get up and do a Group Strength class. I really want to keep up with my strength training this fall and winter! After class I hit up the Co-Op for some fresh fruits and veggies. Then I came home, made breakfast and did my weekly cleaning. I caught up on facebook and some blogs while eating lunch. Then I worked on my grad school paper (again!) and fixed a technical issue I was having with my MP3 player! Whew!

I also got some fun stuff in the mail today! First up…..


Pumpkin spiced tea! I ordered these from ShopCrownhouse. I had never used this site before but I got these two boxes for a pretty reasonable price. They also sell things in bulk. Very quick delivery too, I ordered these on Thursday and they got here today! I immediately tried the Bigelow brand and it is, nice. Not too much pumpkin flavor just some nice spices. I didn’t add any sweetener to it. Maybe that would make it more like the hot pumpkin pie I was envisioning. Still good though!

I also got…


2Toms Sport Shield and Blister Shield. A reader, Kath at Foodiddy, recommended blister powder. When I Google it, this was the only brand it came up with. They also offered the sport shield for chafing. I guess I could have just ordered that but I wanted to try the powder on my feet and need the Sport Shield for other areas that have been chafing. I wish I would have ordered them sooner so I could try them on my long runs but I’m still going to try it for the half marathon. It couldn’t hurt me any more than not using it right?

Yesterday I promised some pictures from the retreat this past weekend. We invited 16 college students to spend 24 hours away from the business of school to take some time for reflection and fellowship. A nice couple from the parish offered to let us use their “cabin” (it’s more like a second home) located on the beautiful Mississippi river.

The view from their dock


We had some free time on Saturday so I led a few of the kids on a little walk. We saw some interesting sites.

Beautiful flowers.


More views of the river.


A blue house with matching flowers.


Recycling at its best.


And some crazy bushmen!  100_1381

Even though I was kind of in charge of the retreat and was technically “working” it was a relaxing time away for me too. It was nice to unplug for awhile and not have to think about school and the other crazy business life brings.

Well, I have a few more hours of relaxing time before I have to head into work for a meeting. I think I’ll paint my nails!

Have a great week everyone!


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