Good Sunday afternoon blog world! How’s your weekend treating you? Watching some football? Making something with pumpkin in it? Running a race? Whatever you’re up to I hope it’s something fun!

After a very successful and restful retreat we put on for the college students Friday night- Saturday night I was well rested and ready for my last long run before the half marathon. I did something last night that really surprised me. I actually listened to what my body needed and ended up making a very smart choice. When I got back from the retreat I thought it would be nice to relax with a glass of wine. While I was unpacking I thought to myself that I was really thirsty and realized I probably didn’t drink enough water while on the retreat and the cabin we were had was pretty dry. I realized that if I opened a bottle of wine that it would not quench my physical thirst and I would probably end up drinking more than I intended and feel pretty awful this morning. So I brewed some decaf tea and chugged some water and felt pretty darn good about myself!

I got plenty of sleep last night and woke up to 50 degree, cloudy, day. I had my standard prerun snack of toast with nutbutter and half a banana. I let that digest for a bit and then headed out. The tricky part about training for this half marathon is that most of my training was done during our VERY HOT summer wearing shorts and a tank top. No that it’s gotten cooler but not quite cold it’s hard to know what to wear! I had some cropped pants on with a short sleeve wicking t-shirt under a long sleeved wicking t-shirt. I was planning on doing a big loop and wasn’t sure what I’d do if I got too hot but I thought I’d give it a try.

The temperature, my clothing, the small amount of traffic, my pre run rituals made for an absolutely PERFECT run! I felt so good the entire time! I didn’t get any blisters, there was not soreness anywhere in my body. I felt really strong! I took a drink of water from a fountain at mile 2, and some sips of Gatorade from my bottle at mile 4. Even as I got to mile 5 I felt awesome and picked up the pace. I took some GU at mile 6 and the last 2 miles were effortless. I did the whole 8 miles in just under 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I think mentally it was good to have such an excellent long run before the race. I know that I will be going much farther on race day (5 miles to be exact) and there are lots of factors that could effect how I feel that day but mentally I feel like I could run FOREVER. A lot of people say running is 90% mental so I am good to go!

After I stretched and showered Brian and I headed to one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast, The Hungry Peddler. I refueled with some eggs, pancakes, and American fries.



I pretty much devoured everything except for maybe half of the potatoes. I was dreaming of these pancakes during my run! Since we ate so late this pretty much counted as breakfast and lunch. We also did some grocery shopping for the week.

Other than that I’ve bee doing laundry and working on my grad school paper (I have 13.5 pages written and need 15-20!) all while burning this yummy candle!


Yes the pumpkin obsession continues! I’m thinking about heading to yoga later but I also feel like I could use a nap before going to church tonight. We’ll see!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you some fun pictures I took on the retreat! Have a great rest to your weekend!


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