Being all that I can be!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I didn’t think I’d have a chance to post today but I found a little window of time! Yay!

So this morning’s run was the run that almost didn’t happen. I was still feeling pretty sore on Monday night after my 12 miler on Saturday so I decided I would sleep in rather than get up early on Tuesday to run. I had to teach Zumba at night and wanted to save my energy for that. So, I skipped a 3 mile maintenance run. The rest of the week I was teaching classes so I knew my only chance to run would be early this morning. Well, something woke me up at about 3am and I had a very hard time falling back asleep, I guess Brian did too because he didn’t get up for his run either. When my alarm did go off I hit snooze and snuggled back under the covers. I really did not want to get up! It took a lot of self talk but I finally threw the covers off knowing I would regret it if I skipped it. I decided to head to the University’s track which is just down the street from our house to do my last tempo run before the half marathon. As I neared the track in the early morning darkness I hear shouts of what sounded like a large group of people. When I finally got to the track I saw that the ROTC Army kids were doing some type of physical training exercise. This would be fun! They stretched out for awhile and I started to run. Before I knew it there were about 75 soldiers running with me around the track! It was almost like being in a race! They only completed a few laps before moving on to other more tortuous looking drills like running the stadium steps, doing a wall squat for the entire time it took me to run one lap, and doing touch downs across the football field. Occasionally they would return to the track for a run. It was especially motivating when I had to do my faster tempo 1/4 mile. I didn’t want to look like I was slacking! I wanted “be all that I could be!”

I did 5 miles in about 45 1/2 minutes with and average mile of 9:06! It was one of my best runs in a long time! So glad I got up to do it! Plus watching the ROTC kids was entertaining and made the time fly!

Unfortunately I’m having a little soreness in my right leg. I can’t tell if it’s my hip or my inner thigh. Hopefully a rest day tomorrow at the retreat will heal it, then I’ll do my last long run (8 miles) on Sunday before I do the half marathon next weekend!

That’s all I’ve got for today! See you when I get back!


One response to “Being all that I can be!

  1. Hey! Are you doing the half before the Maple Leaf Parade? I’ll be there too. I’m doing the 5 mile run since I couldn’t get motivated to train for the half this year. I’ll look for you crossing the finish line. Good luck!

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