Hi there! I sure hope you had a lovely Monday! Mine was pretty productive!

I had to get up EXTRA early to teach Group Strength at the Y. I was subbing for someone and didn’t realized when I agreed to sub that I would be running 12 miles the day before! My legs actually didn’t feel that bad today. Sore, yes a little tired too, would I have wanted to run today, no but over all I wasn’t in pain or anything. I disclosed to my class that if it looked likes I was “slacking” on my legs this morning it was due to a long run yesterday. They were cool with it. After class I went down to the Life Center and rolled my legs on a foam roller. It hurt so good! I came home, walked the doggie and ate breakfast. I did some cleaning and practiced some moves for Zumba. Before lunch I decided to do a short yoga podcast just to stretch my legs out. The rest of the day was pretty much mine and I worked on some home work and of course caught up on reading the blogs. It was my turn to make dinner so I did that while Brian worked on putting a new belt on our treadmill. Moving around, stretching, and not sitting on my butt all day really helped me to recover. Not to mention the ice bath and healthy eats yesterday. But I think what really helped me to recover was this….


Cinnamon AND Pumpkin ice cream! AH-MAZING! I casually mentioned to Brian that when I had driven by Ranison’s Ice Cream shop on my way to school that a sign out front said they had pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream. In my quest to consume all things pumpkin I had to try it. He suggested we walked there tonight. I was a little hesitant due my legs but it was the perfect night for a walk and I figured it would help keep my leg muscles loose.  At the last minute I decided to get the cinnamon too and it was the best idea EVER! Tasted like a frozen pumpkin pie! So good! I must have this again before it disappears for the season or it gets too cold for ice cream (is it ever too cold for ice cream?). 

I was considering skipping my morning run  tomorrow  in favor of more recovery time but it is only 3 miles so I’m reconsidering! If so I better start shutting things down so I can get a good night’s sleep!

See you when I see you! It’s going to be a busy couple of days! I have a 15-20 paper due so when I do have time to write I think it should be for that! We’ll see!


2 responses to “Recovering

  1. I might have to drive up to LaCrosse just for that ice cream!!

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