A New Level of Crazy!



Hey there! How’s your Sunday going? I hope it’s a beautiful one!

I’ve been back from my 12 mile run for about an hour and a half and am slowing recovering. Not gonna lie, it was a little rough. I woke up to an absolutely gorgeous morning! I had to be to work at 8am and as I biked there I took a deep breath of the cool crisp fall air and thought about what perfect weather running this was. My job at church today was to greet students and make sure that they filled out a student membership card and picked up a welcome back goodie bad. We did most of this outside so I continued to enjoy the beautiful fall day. I kept imagining how wonderful it would be to run in this weather. By the time we got to the 11:15am Mass it was getting quite warm, I even had to take off my jacket. By the time I got home it was after 12:30pm and very warm. I wouldn’t say it was hot and it definitely wasn’t humid but I knew once I got running I would get hot very quickly seeing as I was running during the heat of the day, but I literally had no other time to do this long run.

I set out with determination but the first four miles were pretty tough. When I circled back to our house I ran inside to fill up another water bottle and a Tupperware with ice water and a wash cloth to cool myself down. I set out for lap two feeling a little better. Actually lap two was pretty good. The final lap was brutal! I ate some gummy bears at about 6 miles which seemed to go over pretty well and gave me a little pep. Before heading off on my final lap I grabbed a water bottle and carried it on my way to the point where I though I would hit 12 miles and left it by a tree. After that it was pretty much all mental. I really did want to quit I was really hot and my feet were really hurting me. But I figured I had come this far I might as well press on. I took a GU at mile 10 but honestly didn’t feel any more or less energetic afterwards. I just kept going until I reached the water fountain (my turn around point). I knew I had less than two miles at this point. I took it easy walking when I needed to, standing in people’s sprinklers when I could. Before I knew it I had hit 12 miles! But I was still pretty far away from my water bottle. I didn’t want to walk that whole way  home so I pumped up Glee’s version of “Don’t Stop Believe’n” and pushed through until I reached the block my water bottle was on. I was pretty glad to be done!

When I got home I did some stretching and then I did something CRAZY! I took and ice bath!




I’ve seen other bloggers use this as a method of recovering after long runs and I knew I wanted to try it after the half marathon so I figured this would be a good time to test it out. I filled the tub with cold water until it covered my legs and then Brian poured in a 10lb bag of ice. It was very cold but it felt good on my legs. I’m not sure if I stayed in there long enough but my feet just got too cold! I really need to recover well as I have 4 full days of teaching at the Y ahead of me. I also drank some chocolate milk and ate a nice healthy meal of a sweet potato, baked beans, and fresh green beans and broccoli from our garden.

Sadly I have to head back to work shortly so my R&R will be cut a little short. Even though it was hard I’m glad I did it. Except for it being hot and my feet really hurting I felt pretty good over all. The reality is it could be this warm in December when I do the Disney half and I’ve bee acclimated to our winter! Should make it interesting. I do really need to figure out how to make it so my feet don’t hurt so much. This next week is sort of a taper week with two shorter runs and then an 8 mile run for the weekend. After today, 8 miles is going to seem like a piece of cake!


3 responses to “A New Level of Crazy!

  1. I love the ice bath! I have not tried that yet! I also love the 8 miles will see easy – I agree!! I am off a week due to a sore ankle, but hope, hope to get in my 12 miler next weekend.

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