Laboring on Labor Day!

Hey friends!  Happy Labor Day! Sorry for disappearing for awhile there. I’ve had a busy couple of days!

This weekend the students at the University moved back into the resident halls. I spent the last few days on campus promoting the church that I work at, informing students (especially the new students) where we are located and what types of programs we offer. Saturday night I had an info table outside the dining hall during dinner, Sunday I had the same table during the brunch. Later in the day I hosted a pizza party for students. I was expecting between 40-50 students and I had between 70-80! Today I hosted a booth at a carnival on campus. It was nice and cool out so I brought Izzy and she LOVED all the attention! I think she helped to get more visitors to our booth too! It was pretty fun and I think I connected with a lot of students but I am EXHAUSTED!

During the two hour break I had yesterday I cleaned the house and finished some laundry. After I was done today Brian and I went grocery shopping. After all that crazy busyness I am happy to be enjoying a beer and catching up on some blogs!



I might have another beer with the venison burgers Brian is grilling for us!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! Nothing to health related really. This week I start my fall teaching schedule at that Y which includes 2 group cycling classes and a group strength class every week plus Zumba every other week.

Check out my NEW PAGE featuring some of my favorite recipes from other bloggers! Please note that this is a work in progress and I will be adding more as time goes on! Have a good rest to your weekend!

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