A GREAT Eight!

Hey friends! Hope you are having a great Saturday! It is BEAUTIFUL here! Sunny and cool the perfect way to ease us into fall!

My 8 mile run this morning was EXCELLENT! Much better than my previous 8 mile training run. I’m sure the weather had something to do with it! I got going a little later than I had intended and fueled up with an Arnold sandwich thin, some almond butter, and half a banana, my go to fuel for long runs. I didn’t start my run until almost 8am.  At that time it was about 50 degrees out and sunny. I decided I was going to do my favorite 4 mile run twice which is an out and back route with a water fountain at mile 2 (and 6 respectively). I figured I would leave some Gatorade at our house and stop to drink that half way through instead of wearing my fuel belt. This worked out pretty well! I thought I would get bored seeing the same scenery twice but I actually took a different route back during the first loop. Actually might try to do this 3 times next week to get in 12 miles. I also had these lovely ladies to keep me company. I just discovered Shauna and Carla’s podcast yesterday. I download a few episodes to see if I would like it and I LOVED it! It is very positive, informative, informational and entertaining. I listened to it the entire hour and twenty minutes I ran! You should really check it out!

Like I said my route lapped me around to our house at about mile 4. I shed my long sleeved layer and drank some Gatorade. Then I was off again. At mile 6 I took a GU packet and drank some water from the fountain. The last 2 miles seemed like a breeze! I also tried a new pair of socks that claimed to whisk moisture away. I must say my feel faired much better than my 10 mile run BUT I still got one blister on my right foot. I might have to invest in some blister powder or even a higher end pair of socks. Overall a great run! I’m really starting to love the 8 mile distance. 6 miles use to be the max I would go if I was running but I think 8 might be the new max once I’m done training, we shall see.

Speaking of half marathon training, I feel like I haven’t really written too much about it here on the blog, definitely a lot less than I wrote about training for the Olympic Distance Triathlon. Honestly, I haven’t found the training to be that big of a deal, only the long runs have seemed like momentous occasions to write about. The program I’m using really fit in well with my life and I didn’t feel like I was running ALL THE TIME. I seem to recall the last time I trained for a half marathon I got a little sick of running. This time I am really enjoying it! I’m actually a little worried about how I’ll fit running in once I start teaching 4-9 classes a week at the Y and the dance studio. We shall see!

Well, I need to figure something out for lunch, my hunger is so crazy after a long run! Then I need to work on some home work before heading to work for awhile!

Have a wonderful day!


4 responses to “A GREAT Eight!

  1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for stopping by my blog! The internet is so cool! Well, now I have plans tonight to catch up on your blog! I love finding new ones and pokin’ around! I love, love, love good podcasts, so thanks much for the tip on this new one. Do you listen to An Extra Mile? I am a new runner doing the Galloway run/walk/run method, so that’s how I found out about it. You can connect with me on daily mile too – kstodola. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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