Door County: Food, wine, and relaxation part 3

Hey friends! Are you having a good Monday? So far I’ve run 3 miles (it was so HOT!), cleaned the house, finished up the laundry, practiced some Zumba moves, and ate lunch! I thought I’d get another blog post up before I start working on some home work!

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After our taste testing a Fat Louie’s we headed back to the B&B to change out of our hiking clothes and then over to Bailey’s Harbor for lunch. We decided to eat at the Harbor Fish Market and Grill.


We had eaten dinner here during our honeymoon and it was fantastic! It was a little more expensive then we wanted to pay for dinner this time around BUT their lunch prices were really reasonable and the menu had some unique options on it. Here is the view from our table.


We started with the Lobster Bisque which was absolutely DIVINE!


I don’t think I had ever actually had Lobster Bisque before and this was truly amazing. Really rich and creamy! Definitely an indulgence! I also ordered the grilled tuna sandwich which was Ahi tuna on a Kaiser roll with cucumber and wasabi mayo.


It was very light and delicious. I especially liked the uniqueness of the wasabi and mayo. I didn’t even attempt to make a dent in those fries!

We decided to walk down through the harbor after that delicious but heavy meal. There were a lot of people kite surfing on the lake and it was really fun to watch!


On the way back to the B&B we decided to stop at one more winery the Stone’s Throw Winery located just down the road from our B&B.  They have some very unique wines. Not as sweet as some of the other wineries. We did a sampling of about 5 wines each and then each ordered a glass to enjoy outside on their patio.


After the hike in the morning, the heavy food, and the wine (not to mention my 10 mile run the day before and a 5 hour drive for Brian) we were pretty tired. We headed back to the B&B for some reading and a nap.

We finally decided to go out to dinner around 7pm. We had seen a pretty nice looking restaurant called Trio just on the edge of Egg Harbor the town just down the road from our B&B.


The B&B had a sample menu and we thought the prices sounded pretty reasonable for their unique food. We weren’t too hungry so we skipped the appetizer. I ordered the Bow Tie Pasta with Salmon. It had smoke salmon, bacon, chopped tomatoes, capers, roasted red peppers, garlic and olive oil.


It was fantastic! Nothing too fancy just some unique flavor combinations. Brian had some type of chicken dish. We both managed to save room for a dessert to share.


Chocolate flourless cake with a fresh raspberry sauce! So AMAZING!

With our tummies full once again we decided to walk down to the lake and managed to see a pretty beautiful sunset.



We headed back to the B&B to call it an early night! Stay tuned for one more day of our Door County get-a-way recap!


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