Door County: Food, wine and relaxation! Part 2

Hey friends! How’s your Monday going? Good I hope! I hope to get a 3 mile run in today, do a little cleaning, practice some Zumba moves, and get some work done for grad school!

Be sure to check out Part 1 of our Door County adventure!

On Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful blue sky and nice cool weather. We headed downstairs for breakfast. Our meal started out with fresh strawberries, coffee, and some VERY delicious cherry apple juice.



100_1157   But the star of the meal was egg frittata! There were also some pecan pie mini muffins but I forgot to snap a picture before gobbling two up!


This was the perfect meal to provide us with fuel for a hike we took through the Whitefish Dunes State Park. We took a short hike through these beautiful woods.


On our hike we saw TONS of monarch butterflies. They were everywhere!


100_1162  The trail we chose took us to Cave Point a really unique spot that during the right weather looks like the raging sea! It was pretty windy so we saw some pretty good waves crash on the rocks but I couldn’t quite capture a good one!


100_1217  We headed back through the woods and then took a stroll along the shore.


After our hike we were ready for some wine tasting! We stopped at our favorite winery the Door Peninsula Winery.


They are pretty casual with their tasting’s and it was very busy. We sample a few to refresh out memories on which were our favorites and then bought a few bottles to bring back home!

Then we headed to a brand new (like two weeks old) winery The Harbor Ridge Winery.


Currently they are featuring wine from the Von Stiehl Winery in Algoma Wisconsin as there own wine is not ready yet. I wish I would have taken some pictures inside. We are pretty sure the man who did our tasting was the owner. He was very entertaining! We absolutely loved the wine we sampled there and ended up buying quite a few bottles!

We had one more stop on our morning excursion

100_1226 Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company had samplings of the most unique and amazing flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I think we sampled all of them! We bought two olive oils, mushroom and sage, and chipolte which had a nice kick to it! We bought a pomegranate flavored vinegar. So good!



This was the perfect appetizer for lunch! Come back later to hear more about our adventure in Door County! Have a good morning!


2 responses to “Door County: Food, wine and relaxation! Part 2

  1. The butterfly photos are amazing! Looks like a wonderful time, super jealous. My vacation starts today, woohoo!

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