Perfect 10!



Well….almost! How’s your morning going! It’s Friday right?! Well, I’m back and somewhat recovered from my 10 mile run. This run was far better than last week’s. To read the recaps from my other long runs check out

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I got my clothes and fuel ready last night. I made up a bottle of Gatorade and put a GU pack in my fuel felt. I decided I would try wearing two pairs of socks, one thinner one and then my regular socks to prevent the terrible blisters I’ve been getting. I mapped out a route using I got to bed early and set the alarm for 5:30am (so I would have time to fuel and warm up). When the alarm went off I was surprised at how tired I was. I put my contacts in, got dressed and began to wonder why Brian wasn’t back from his run yet. Then I looked at the clock and realized I woke up at 5am! Oh well. I taped my feet and put on mole skin then my two pairs of socks. I was really hoping to prevent blisters today.  I fueled up with an Arnold thin topped with almond butter 1/2 a banana and some honey. I drank a little water and then walked the dog for a warm up. Then I headed out!

The weather was PERFECT for running. No humidity cool but not cold. I immediately knew it was going to be a better run than last week when the first two miles that felt like torture last week just flew by. I drank water (at a fountain) at two miles, and Gatorade every two miles after that. I also took the GU packet at mile six.

I felt like my route was a trip down memory lane. I ran by a lot of places that reminded me of my childhood. I ran by my dad’s old work where we use to meet him for lunch, my mom’s work, Brian’s first apartment he had when we were dating, the church and grade school I went to as a kid, and the nursing home where my grandma and grandpa both lived at one time. The church/school I went to as a kid has a 1/2 mile paved road around it. I decided to take a lap to add to my mileage. I remembered that as a kid we use to have to run around that same road for gym class. I HATED it and could barely do it! Now look at me! I ran 10 miles today!

At about five miles the “hot spots” on my feet, the same ones I had protected with mole skin started to hurt. The only way I can describe it is it is like someone poking you with a needle every time your foot lands. But I kept going because the rest of the run was feeling so good.

The last few miles were tough as always but I knew I could do it. When I got home my feet were really hurting. I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like under my socks. I was SHOCKED to see blood in one of them. My feet are totally destroyed! I’m not sure if the blood was from a blister that broke or from some dry skin splitting. So by far the worst part is my feet and they still really hurt.

Warning! Some disgusting pictures of my feet coming up!


The large mark is the still healing blister from two weeks ago and I don’t know if you can see but there’s a NEW blister right about it. That’s on my right foot.


This is my left foot and if you can see there are two blister one near the big toe one a little ways down. And the next picture has a blister on the tip of my middle toe, the same one that was bleeding.


So painful! Especially when the rest of the run went so well. I have to figure out how to remedy this. I really hope it’s not my shoes. We don’t have any running specialty stores here to get fitted for running shoes. Maybe all I need is some better socks. I have a 8 mile and 12 mile training run left before the half. I hope I solve this problem by then!

Stay tuned for a quick post about where we’re headed this weekend! Have a good day!


3 responses to “Perfect 10!

  1. Good socks and blister powder is what I use. Still have problems when the miles get up there, but it’s miserable without the powder. Congrats on the monster run, awesome!

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