An Epic Pizza!

Good evening! Wow two posts in one day! I just couldn’t resist sharing with you the fun meal Brian and I put together tonight. Homemade pizza!

Lots of veggies!


My man working the dough!


Piled high and ready to go into the oven!


Nice and toasty ready to eat!


Our pizza had fresh tomatoes from our garden, fresh mushrooms, canned artichoke hearts, mozzarella cheese, and turkey pepperoni. Brian added black olives to his half and I added a fresh orange pepper from my father-in-law’s garden! It was so delicious! I easily could have eaten half of it but I refrained and saved some for after my loooooooong run tomorrow.

Speaking of half marathon training guess what I did today? I actually signed up for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon. I know that I’ve been writing about my training for this but I had yet to actually sign up for the race! Wouldn’t it have been a bummer if it would have got filled?! I figured if I was going to run 10 miles I better have a good reason to!

I was getting packed for our little get-a-way this weekend. It occurred to me that since the weather is getting cooler I might need to wear jeans, which I haven’t worn in months. Out of curiosity I tried them on and they were…..a little snug. Not that I couldn’t get them on but they were not very comfortable. This happens to me every summer! I think I tend to drink a lot more alcohol in the summer since I don’t work as much at night. Plus there is all the partying an traveling. Don’t worry I’m not getting down on myself. I just realized I need to reign it in (hence not eating half a pizza tonight). Those jeans will be feeling great in no time!  

Have a good night everyone and I’ll be back with a report on my 10 miler!


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