It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No! It’s not Christmas…not yet anyway! But my world sure seems busy like it does around the holidays! Sorry for disappearing for a while there! Sunday was SUPER productive! I did four loads of laundry, we went grocery shopping, I cleaned the bathroom, went to church, lifted weights and did yoga, did some work (for my church job), read about 30 pages for my grad school homework, AND managed to relax with Brian while watching a movie getting to bed at a decent hour at that!

Monday was also somewhat productive. I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in about four years. She is currently dating someone who lives in my home town (my friend lives in Eau Claire). She came down for a visit and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a run. We did a nice easy 3 miles catching up the whole time! It was great! She recently got divorced and as part of “reinventing” herself decided to run 12 races in 12 months and she’s almost completed her goal! Pretty amazing huh? One of her races was a half marathon, so awesome! I also did some cleaning on Monday, more work (the internet is down in my office so I need to take advantage of it when I’m home) and more reading for school. I also had a late night meeting so blogging just didn’t fit in there!

Work is really picking up right now. The university students will soon be back on campus and our programming year will be in full swing. Even though my hours have been cut it’s still a busy time of year. It’s okay though, it keeps me from getting bored! I’m looking forward to the up coming school year and teaching more fitness classes as well.

As I mentioned, part of Sunday’s craziness included weight lifting and boy was it hard! I was so sore on Monday and even today. I was going to try to lift again this morning but my body said “NO WAY!” There is also no way I’m going to lift before my long run on Friday. I really shouldn’t have neglected this part of my training! I might try to lift tomorrow after work as Brian has a doctor’s appointment and then give myself a rest day before tackling 10 miles!

Thanks for listening to all my ramblings! I might not be back until later this week with a more defined post, I promise! Catch you later!.


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