That’s Amore!

Good morning folks! How’s your Saturday going so far? It nice to be home for a change with little to nothing on the agenda!

Last night’s girl’s night was fantastic! To read about our last Girl’s Night our and how we all know each other check out this post. We headed out to Kate’s Pizza Amore downtown. I was so excited to meet up with the girls that I forgot to take a picture of the outside! Inside it was kind of small but I loved the decor! We had heard that on weekends there was a two hour wait so a few of us got there early to put our names in. We sat at the bar chatting. I ordered something very unusual for me. A raspberry vodka martini!


The place was jump’n but it wasn’t a two hour wait, maybe half an hour! Since the location is small and narrow they have what I would call table/booths. There is a long line on benches on the wall with cushions and pillows. There are tables in front of the benches and then chairs on the other side. I requested to sit by the pillows and Emily joined me so we could cuddle!


The other ladies arrived and we ordered the  Cheesy Basil Bread as an appetizer.


Emily asked if she could be “blogged” 🙂


We all decided to order different pizzas for our main dish and Polly got a calzone.


I got the Tuscany Garden pizza which had Pesto, tomatoes, onion, spinach, eggplant, red pepper, artichokes zucchini, mushrooms, black olives, banana peppers, and fresh roasted garlic (minus the black olives because I don’t like them).


We raised our glasses to honor Nicole who’s having a baby in September. Last night was kind of a mini baby shower as we all brought baby girl clothes for her as a gift (she needed some girly stuff since her first child is a little boy).


Not gonna lie, after one martini before dinner and one with dinner I was pretty much starving! I wolfed that whole pizza down barely tasting it! I’m sure it was delicious! Over all it was a great dinning experience. The food wasn’t overly gourmet but there were some really unique options on the menu, everything sounded good to us! The atmosphere was really fun and trendy for our small town. Most of all the company was fun an entertaining!

After dinner we walked down to the river and saw Brian and Eric. Brian and taken a ride on Eric’s boat. Then we headed up to the Pearl for ice cream. It was a great night!

I managed to get to sleep at a decent hour and woke up without a hang over! I do know one thing though, vodka gives me CRAZY dreams! I dreamt I was in some crazy movie watching a bad guy electrocute people, that my church decided to put a decorative lazy river type thing in our chapel as part of the renovation, and that my parents who are in their sixties adopted a whole family of children! Crazy!

This morning I’m cleansing with a green smoothie and I’m about to get my Zumba on! Later we have a casual wedding to attend with some of Brian’s work friends. Should be a fun night! Have a great weekend!


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