A very special anniversary dinner

Hey y’all! It’s Friday! Yay! Hope you’re having a good one! I took a rest day from exercise after yesterday’s 9 mile run. Surprisingly I didn’t feel that sore today. Just a little stiff when I got up. I must have recovered well! That’s a good sign!

Last night’s dinner was AH-MAHZING! I’ve been wanting to document a trip to Kate’s On State for awhile now but the first time I went I wasn’t comfortable brining out my camera at restaurants and the second time I went my camera was broken!

Kate’s is located literally blocks from our house so of course we walked. It’s a very small and intimate restaurant.



100_1074  Since it was pretty early (we’re old and like to eat at 5pm) and a Thursday night we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Very romantic! We started with an appetizer, the Mediterranean crostini which had mushrooms, spinach, pine nuts and feta cheese. So delicious! I also had glass of my favorite Campus Oaks Red Zin.



All of the entrees come with an outstanding salad. There is EVERYTHING on this baby. Kidney beans, soy nuts, pepperoni, mushrooms, you name it! Plus all their dressings are homemade. I had the mango vinaigrette, delightful!


Sorry for the blurry pictures, low lighting! For my entree I had the Seafood and Wild Mushroom Ravioli. The menu description reads: “Scallops shrimp, prawns, mussels, lobster and clams are lightly sautéed and finished in a marsala wine and creamy lobster reduction sauce.”


I had never had mussels before! The first one I tried was a little fishy but after that I just took the meat out and mixed it with the rest of the items and I thought it tasted pretty good. Brian had some special that wasn’t on the menu. Not really sure what was all in it but he gave me a taste and it was very good!


I only ate half of mine because I was saving room for dessert! Their famous pumpkin bread pudding a la mode!


Clearly it was terrible!


Such a great meal and such great service too! They even made my leftovers look good!


Kate’s is pretty pricey especially when you get drinks, appetizers, and dessert but it is really worth it. They do not skimp on their food. I probably had four mussels in my dish, four prawns, two GIANT scallops, tons of baby shrimp, a huge chunk of lobster, and six large raviolis. Plus I got two meals out of it! We only visit Kate’s for special occasions.

Would you believe it? Before I knew we were going to Kate’s on State for our anniversary I made plans with for a Girls Night Out with my friends at Pizza Amore, Kate’s other, less expensive restaurant downtown! We’re going there tonight! I can not wait! I’ve never been there but I’ve heard good things. I’ll definitely be bringing my camera along!

Seriously though, after next weekend’s trip to Door County we need to start reigning in the eating out. Our wallets and our waistlines can’t afford it!   

Catch you later!


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