TGWTPS Special Edition: Our Wedding Day!

Hi! I’m back! Wow this blogging two times a day is fun! If I didn’t have to work I would definitely blog more than once a day!

Four years ago today I married my best friend. Brian is about eight years older than I am so he experienced the weddings of most of his friends. At the time most of my friends had also been married. We had lots of ideas about how we wanted to celebrate our special day. We really wanted to include as many of our friends and family members in our ceremony and reception and highlight their gifts and talents.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL the day we got married. Sunny with a few clouds, temperatures in the high seventies but no humidity. My maid of honor, my best friend from college stayed with me at my parents house. We got up bright and early as my bridesmaids were coming over for breakfast and to have our hair done. My favorite hair stylist form Eau Claire drove all the way to my home town to do our hair. Here’s picture of my practice hair we did at her house.



We decided that Brian and I would have our private portraits together taken before the ceremony. My dad drove me to the church so I could get dressed. My future sister-in-law was my personal attendant met us there to help me get ready.


W#008   W#013


The church that we got married at was formerly my home parish and where I attended grade school. Sadly it is no longer used as a parish. It is a beautiful church.


Brian was ready and waiting for me at the alter as I walked up behind him to surprise him. He had tears of happiness in his eyes!


Then we headed to the park for our photo shoot!

W#026  W#030

W#061  We headed back to the church just in time for a light lunch before the ceremony. My brother, my good friends from the first parish I worked at, and one of my favorite professors from college sang and played for our wedding.


My future niece was our flower girl

W#176  The first priest I ever worked for officiated and the nun who I also worked with at the parish assisted him. My aunt/godmother and Brian’s cousins did the readings. Of course my mom and dad were a little emotional walking me, there only daughter, down the aisle.


Our wedding party included my best friend from college, Kari, my cousin Jill, my three best girl friends from Girl Scouts Marianne, Amy, and Becky, Brian’s brother, his four of his friends from high school Joe, Trent, Bob, and  Eric from the boat and our ushers Ike, Gardner and Todd.


Brian’s cousin made my bridesmaid’s jewelry and my other future sister-in-law made our cake.

W#254  Everything was just beautiful! We did everything our way and that truly made it memorable and special to us.

Our reception was at Maple Grove Country Club which was large enough fit all our guests. We ate dinner and then danced the night away!

Even though it was four years ago I can still remember what a wonderful day we had and afterwards we knew we would get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Thanks for sharing my memories with me this week! We are going out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Stay tuned for a recap of our yummy meal!


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