A Not So Fine Nine

Hi! How are you this fine day? I’m better now that my 9 mile training run is OVER!

As you can guess from my post title my 9 mile run did not go so well. As I was struggling through the miles I began to think of reasons why this run was so tough! Here’s what I came up with:

1. The weather. All though it seemed nice out and was only 70 degrees I think it was a little more humid then I expected. When I walked the dog as my warm up it didn’t seem that bad but within a mile of running I was dripping with sweat. In hind sight I think it was a good thing that I was forced indoors for my 8 mile run last week because of the storm. I really don’t think I would have been able to do it in that heat!

2. My legs were tired! Before my other long runs I usually took a rest day before the long run. This week I ran AND taught Zumba on Tuesday. I taught cycling for the first time in two weeks yesterday morning, went to yoga at noon, and then for some reason felt compelled to practice more Zumba dances after work last night. My legs were definitely not fresh.

3. I have NOT been keeping up with strength training. I fear this is a huge mistake. I haven’t been doing not because of time. I could easily fit it in to my schedule but it would usually be the day before a long run and I don’t want my legs to be sore before the run. But overall I know that strength training is very helpful to running. Not to mention starting in September I’ll be teaching Group Strength 1-2 times a week, I sense some very sore muscles in the near future.

4. I miscalculated my route. I made a HUGE loop and realized I got pretty close to home and still had about a mile to go! This is VERY mentally challenging! In your head you think you are almost done but still have a ways to go. I almost quit at this point but didn’t want to stop short of my goal.

5. My blisters! I got some pretty nasty blisters after last week’s run. They are not fully healed. On my shorter runs this week I used moleskin and a special band-aide for blisters and it seemed to work. Today I used the moleskin again but towards the end I could still feel the pain in my feet even with the moleskin. This is a really frustrating problem to me. I never got blisters before. They are in a really odd place, the inside edge of the soles of my feet. I’m a little worried that it’s my shoes as I bought two pairs of this kind and can’t really afford a new pair. Perhaps I’ll try wearing two layers of socks.

So despite all that I made it. It took a lot of positive self talk and mental strength. I kept thinking about the wonderful dinner I’m going to have with my hubby tonight. I thought about how many people this morning are not running 9 miles, especially the people I saw turning into McDonald’s for their breakfast (yuck!). I also realize this is just one run in the grand scheme of things I just wanted to get through.

I took a lot of walking breaks and my average pace was 10:30/mile. In total it took me 1 hour and 34 minutes. I took in a full bottle of Gatorade, and a full bottle of water plus some sips from two fountains along the way. I had two energy bites (from the Co-Op) at mile 5 and less than half of an energy gel at mile 7.

So, after a lot stretching, a nice cool shower, and a green smoothie I’m feeling a little better. My legs are really sore so I plan on taking it easy for the rest of the day!

See you late today for The Girl With the Pink Sneaker’s special edition out wedding day!


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