TGWTPS Special Edition: Ready to get married!

Hey there! What’s happening in your neighborhood today? Not much new here! There’s construction going on at my work place and it was particularly loud today! Plus for two days I’ve been without Internet! Tomorrow our whole building won’t have electricity so I’m staying at home. This works out perfectly as I’ll have time for my nine mile run!

I hope you’re enjoying my little mini series celebrating my anniversary week.  If you missed it you can read about how we met, and our dating history.

So Brian and I had been dating for four years. I had just finished my first year teaching in Eau Claire and we had survived a long distance relationship. In fact I think being apart made us realize how much we wanted to be together!

After a busy summer we were finally able to get away for a weekend camping Door County. A few weekends before our trip Brian hurt his back lifting his boat of the trailer. I told him it was okay if we didn’t go on our trip but he was pretty adamant that we go. Little did I know what he had planned! We left after work on a Friday. It was a long drive (about five hours). Brian seemed particularly anxious to get there. We finally got there and got our tent set up but had a little trouble with the air mattress. Brian seemed to be getting more anxious. He suggested we take a short hike. I looked at a park map and saw that fortunately there was a short little hike to a light house right from our campsite. We took a little walk through the woods. We got to the light house and it was just about sunset. There was a lookout over the lake. There was nobody around, we had the place to ourselves and that’s when Brian proposed!




It couldn’t have happened more perfectly!  Brian said it worked out really well that our campsite was so close to the lighthouse, he said if it wouldn’t have been he would have driven us there because that’s where he planned to propose. It was also a miracle that the place was deserted, this is a very popular lighthouse and always busy. Since our cell phones didn’t work that far north we were able to spend the entire weekend just enjoying being engaged and talking about the future. It was PERFECT!


This is pretty much the exact spot we got engaged.


On the drive home we called all our friends and family and told them the good news.

The next year was spent planning our wedding. I was still working in Eau Claire so had to do a lot of planning on the weekends. I found my wedding dress over the Thanksgiving  weekend at a local shop Charlotte’s Bridal.



100_1439  I loved my dress! I wish I had an occasion to wear it again! I had 3 Bridal showers! One thrown by the girls I use to work with at the parish, one by future sister-in-laws, and one by my bridesmaids.




My girls trying on their dresses at my shower.


And of course I had a bachelorette party!



Don’t worry! Brian had some fun too. At the time his buddies lived in Japan, Alaska, Colorado, and Minnesota. They all came together the week before the wedding for a whole week of bachelor parties!

I really enjoyed planning our wedding. Brian was actually a pretty involved groom since I was living in another town he took care a lot of the details. We tried to us the gifts and talents of as many people that we knew  to make our day extra special. But that’s a story for tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone!


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