TGWTPS Special Edition: Our Story Continues!

Hey friends! How’s it going today? The hot and humid weather seems to be taking a break! The air conditioning is off and then windows are open! I enjoyed a very nice five mile run this morning. Felt so good to run in this gorgeous weather! I hope it lasts!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post in honor of my anniversary week! Now, where did we leave off? Oh yea. Brian and I dated for four years before we got engaged. A lot happened during those four years. I graduated from college in December of 2002 and immediately began working full time at a parish just north of our home town. Brian and I were both living at home when we met but shortly after moved out me with one of my friends from college and he with Eric. Brian continued to work on the Julia Belle Swain steamboat which was a seasonal job that lasted until about October. This worked out well for him since he loves to hunt in the fall and ice fish in the winter. My grandma died during the spring of 2003 and Brian was such a great shoulder to lean on during that tough time. During the time that we were dating Brian’s brother and sister-in-law had baby number one, Rosalia. Shortly after Brian’s sister had a baby boy! So many more things happened it’s hard to even remember. We got to experience all of life’s ups and downs during those four years.

I only worked at the parish about a year before I was offered a teaching job a the Catholic middle school. I absolutely loved teaching even though I had a tough group of 140 students to work with. About this time Brian quit working on the Julia Belle and opted for a more regular and secure job at Walzcraft where he works today.

Sadly, after only a year teaching, my position was  eliminated due to budget cuts. I was so devastated! I LOVED teaching middle school religion. You know the saying, if you love something let it go. Well, that’s what Brian did for me. He said if I really loved teaching and wanted to teach then I should try and find a teaching job even if it meant moving away. It was a hard decision but I decided to go for it. Fortunately I found a job in Eau Claire Wisconsin which was only about 90 minutes away from La Crosse.

I’m not going to lie, the first year I spent up there was really hard. I missed Brian and my family a lot. I spent a lot of weekends driving back to see them. We managed to keep our relationship strong even though we were apart. I think it even made our relationship stronger. We learned that even though we love each other very much and love being with one another we are also our own people and like to do things separately.

The summer after my first year in Eau Claire was a busy one! It seemed there was always something going on, especially weddings! Everyone always asked us when we were going to get married! Amazingly enough we had one weekend free late in August and managed to secure a campsite at Peninsula State Park in Door County. We couldn’t wait for our weekend away! But you’ll just have to wait to hear that story tomorrow! Here are some more pictures from our years dating. Enjoy!


One of our first visits together to see the Gardner’s in St. Paul!



A trip to Eagle River, also with the Gardner’s!



Our nephew’s baptism.



Dancing at a wedding.


Ready to head out to another wedding.


At yet another wedding!


One of my favorite pictures of us! When I lived in Eau Claire I was in a community theater production of Sound of Music. Gotta love kissing nun!



2 responses to “TGWTPS Special Edition: Our Story Continues!

  1. so glad i found your blog during your anniversary week! such fun photos & recaps.

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