TGWTPS Special Edition!

Hey friends! How’s Monday treating you? Good I hope! I spent  the entire day cleaning the house top to bottom! With all the crazy travel we’ve been doing I haven’t deep cleaned the house in 3 weeks! Yikes! I feel so much better now that it’s all clean and sparkly!

This week on the blog you will get a special glimpse into an important part of my past! Four years ago this week (Thursday to be exact) I married my wonderful husband Brian! I thought I’d share with you some stories from our very special day. But first let’s back up to when we first met!

It was summer 2001, the summer before my senior year of college. I was working full time at The Company Store call center as a customer service rep, a job I HATED but kept because it paid pretty well and was flexible with my school schedule. During the second half of my junior year in college I had started hanging out with a young woman, named Emily who taught piano lessons at the University I attended. I started out taking lessons from her but we ended up talking the whole time instead of practicing. We always joke that I paid her to be my friend! We would often frequent a bar, The Recovery Room, located near the University on Thursday nights for Karaoke. One night while we were there we met a guy named Eric who was there with a bunch of his friends. We ended up going back to Eric’s apartment to play cards with him and his friends. After that fun night I headed off to Mexico for a month long Spanish language immersion trip for school. While I was there Emily emailed me telling me she and Eric were hanging out a lot and that he was really fun to hang out with. When I returned from Mexico Emily had left for grad school. I was bored and wanted to go out and do some Karaoke. I was hanging out with another friend and we decided to call Eric up to see if he was interested in going out. He said sure and that he was going to bring a friend from work. Well, that friend just happened to be Brian! Brian and Eric both worked on the Julia Belle Swain, an authentic steamboat that ran out of Riverside Park.

For the rest of the summer it was pretty much a given that we would all meet up at The Recovery Room for Karaoke on Thursday nights. It was a great break during the work week and we always had a good time. Emily and Eric started dating at this time. Brian and I were just friends and he would by me a beer or two and perhaps we would sing a song together. Emily and Eric were always trying to hook us up but neither one of us were brave enough to make the first move. During our friendship I  got to know Brian better and found out what a caring person he was. He was very loyal to his friends and a very hard worker. He also liked to have good time.

Our days of hanging out and being friends continued into the fall. One night another guy from the boat came out for Karaoke He was “putting the moves” on me and since I was unattached I of course flirted back. The next day this other guys calls me and tells me Brian was all mad at him because of what was going on between us. I didn’t really know what to think. I mean it wasn’t like Brian and I were dating or anything. Brian claims that he wasn’t really that angry and he didn’t really say anything to this other guy but I don’t believe it 🙂

This was kind of the catalyst that took our relationship out of the friends stage. I talked to Emily about it and she agreed that Brian had no right to be upset and if he really did want more of a relationship then he should ask me out on a real date. She told me she would talk to him about it. Later that week Brian called me at home and asked me if I wanted to do something before Karaoke on Thursday. I was sure that Emily had talked to him and that he finally got the message. Turns out Emily didn’t talk to him and he asked me out because he really did like me more as a friend! We ended up going to an evening parade (the Torch Light Parade) that they hold in our town as part of the Oktoberfest celebration. And that was it, our first date! We ended up meeting our friends for Karaoke. After Karaoke we stayed up until almost 4am talking and we also shared out first kiss :)!

Here are some photos from our early dating years! Enjoy!

The night of our first date!

scan0008 (2)


One of our first “fancy dates” Brian took me to DiSciascio’s which has now become one of our favorite restaurants.

scan0009 (2)


Brian and I had my college homecoming dance.

scan0013 (2)

At a fun harvest party at one of Brian’s friend’s farms. 

scan0012-1 (2)


Almost a year after we started dating Brian’s brother and his wife had a baby! I was Almost Aunt Kristin for a long time until we got married!

scan0010 (2)


Brian and me at my college graduation!

  scan0007 (2)

Stay tuned for more stories about our time spent dating, our engagement and our wedding!

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