Pink Sneaker Girl Goes To the City!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic!

After a some what harrowing drive facing tons of traffic, a traffic jam, bad weather, and some rush hour driving I made it safe and sound to Amy’s lovely condo. We decided to have a girl’s night in. Amy cooked up some delicious turkey burgers and we enjoyed a glass (or two) of Cabernet. Check out Amy’s fun stem less wine glasses.


We also rented a movie and called it an early night since I knew I had a long day ahead of me.

The Aqua Zumba training was AWESOME! I’ve never been into water type aerobics but Aqua Zumba is TOTALLY fun. A lot more fun then I thought it would be and also a lot harder of a workout then I expected. I think I would really like to teach this type of class but I’m not sure if they’ll put it on the schedule at the Y. This means I’d have to get creative with how I could get a class started. Not sure if I have the time or energy for that….we’ll see. The training was really fun though. The instructor was so energetic and a really good presenter. They day just flew right by.

After I got done with the my training I headed back to Amy’s. We decided to head out for a night on the town. When asked where I wanted to go out to eat I didn’t really care where or what type of food but I had two stipulations. 1. It couldn’t be a chain restaurant and 2. It had to be unique to Milwaukee. Amy ran through a list of several different types of restaurants and came up the PERFECT idea, a Turkish restaurant called Tulip.


We started by splitting a bottle of Turkish wine.


Check out the swanky atmosphere (and Amy 🙂


There was a guitar and violin players adding some beautiful traditional music to the evening. We decided to split Amy’s favorite dish Iskender and also get an appetizer and salad. For our appetizer we chose the Sigara Boregi which was phyllo dough filled with feta cheese and pan fried.

100_1042 These were MELT IN YOU MOUTH AMAZING. Seriously I thought I was in heaven eating these. I also got a Nar Salatasi salad which had almonds and pomegranate dressing.

100_1041 Very light and delightful! But the true star of the evening was our main dish the Iskender. The Iskender was marinated lamb and beef roast, sliced thin and piled atop chopped pita bread. covered with savory tomato sauce and drizzled with butter. yogurt on the side.


Amy suggested taking a little bite of meat, a small piece pita bread, and a little yogurt and eating it all together. I honestly have no words for how amazing this tasted! Seriously! I’ve never tasted any thing like it. The sauce was especially unique and combined with the soaked pita bread and cool creaminess of the yogurt created a combination of flavors like nothing I’ve ever had. I’ll be thinking about this dish for a long time!

After dinner we took a lovely walk along the Milwaukee river.


There are some pretty cool warehouses that have been converted into condos along the walk. We were still looking for some fun so we headed over to one of Amy’s favorite bars Fat Daddy’s.


We were hoping to meet up with some of Amy’s friends but it was pretty dead. We had one drink and then decided to call it a night.

Today after Amy made a delicious breakfast we headed downtown again to check out an art fair. So many talented artists. Sorry no pictures, didn’t feel like dragging the camera long. The weather was gorgeous and we strolled around with Starbuck’s in hand feeling rather trendy as we admired the fun art on display and for sale. Neither of us found anything we wanted to buy and I needed to get on the road.

We headed back to Amy’s condo. I packed my car and got on the road. The drive home was much smoother than the ride there.

Brian beat me home (he was off having a boys weekend with Gardner). I got home we swapped some stories about our weekend and then decided to head out for a short run.

Other than that I’ve been doing some laundry and catching up on things around the house.

I had such a fun weekend with my good friend and learned some great new skills at Aqua Zumba training. I hope they have more training’s in Franklin and if not I’ll have to visit Amy more often!

Hope you were able to have some adventures this weekend!


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