Colorado Rocky Mountain High Continued

Hey friends! Is it hot and steamy where you live? The weather has been CRAZY hot and humid here! I did manage to get in a 4 1/2 hill run this morning. It actually wasn’t too bad out but I was a big sweaty mess when all was said an done. I certainly appreciate working in an air-conditioned environment. Poor Brian works where there is no air or ventilation. I feel bad for him! So bad I offered to make dinner twice this week!

So, back to our amazing adventure. On Saturday we headed to downtown Fort Collins to check out the cute shops and to eat at Coopersmith’s. Now, I didn’t bring my big camera but I took some photos on my phone but now I can’t figure out how to get them off of there! Coopersmith’s was AWESOME! They had a ton of really unique beer on tap. I tried a small glass of Sigda’s Green Chili. As soon as I lifted the glass to my nose I smelled the spice of the chili. The first sip tasted like a nice cool light beer but then there was the after taste of a medium-hot chili. It was so weird but cool too! I really enjoyed it! I probably wouldn’t want to drink a lot of that type of beer but a little taste was just perfect. Such a unique experience! I also had a larger glass of their Mountain Avenue also delicious. Their food selection was also impressive. I had a really hard time deciding. At the last minute I decide to indulge with the chicken and brie sandwich with home made apple sauce. Again, sorry not picture. This sandwich did not disappoint! So many good things to chose from though! Wish we could go back!

After lunch we headed back to Trent and Michelle’s. The girls went down for their naps and Trent and Michelle stayed with them while Brian and I headed out to the Larimer County Fair. This was one of the nicest county fairs I have ever been to. First of all it was free to get in and free parking. They had your typical fair rides and fair food. The best part was all the exhibits and animals were in air-conditioned buildings which was a nice break from the Colorado sun. Our main purpose in going to the fair was to attend the Gnarly Barley Brew Fest! For $15 we got a free mug, some coupons and 6 samples of beer from different Colorado breweries. It was so AWESOME. I tried so many great beers! Probably the most unique one was the Kidd from the Fort Collins Brewery. I do not usually like dark beers but this went down so smooth and then left a nice smokey (think ribs not cigarettes) after taste. This would be perfect paired with a nice steak or a pork roast. Again I took pictures on my phone but alas I am still having technical difficulties! I was really glad we got to experience the brew fest, I guess we were just there at the right time!

After a day in the sun sampling beer we were pretty beat! We headed back to Trent and Michelle’s for left over pizza and another movie (Trent just got a Blue Ray player and was excited to use it!). It was a great day sampling some of Colorado’s finest brews!

Stay tuned for a recap of our final day and I promise some more pictures!


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