Letting go of the girl that use to be, embracing the beauty of who I am today!

Good Wednesday morning to you! I hope you’re having a good start to your day! The husband and I got up at 4:50am for a run at the track. Even at this early hour it was SUPER hot and muggy out. I’m sure glad I got those 5 miles out of the way!


As I type this I have the Today Show on in the background and the lovely Caitlin is being interviewed about her book, Operation Beautiful which released yesterday! If you haven’t heard about Operation Beautiful you MUST check it out. It is truly changing the way women and men see themselves.

As part of the excitement of the book release Caitlin in hosting a virtual book tour. Considering my recent contemplation about being fit but not thin I knew I wanted to be a part of it. If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know about my lifetime challenge with weight. If you need a refresher check out these posts:

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More recently though I’ve been struggling with letting go of the “skinny” but not necessarily healthy person I once was. For anyone who has been over weight and then lost weight only to gain it back you know how mentally defeating that can be. When I see pictures of what I use to look like or catch a glance of the too small clothes boxed up in my basement a wave of regret washes over me. Gradually I am starting to let go of that desire to be that person again and to embrace the person I am today. No, I am not at the same weight I was seven years ago and no I can not wear a size 8 any more but looking a certain way and wearing a certain size is really truly not important.  Now I’m  not obsessed with counting calories. I enjoy healthy foods for the way they make me feel and the energy and strength they give me. I’m also not someone who stresses out over social situations or feels the need to binge when faced with delicious food. I savor each indulgence and truly enjoy the finer foods in life. I may not be the skinny person I once was but that woman didn’t do an Olympic distance triathlon, doesn’t teach several fitness classes a week, and isn’t training for two half marathons. I am so much more than a number on the scale or a size in a department store. I am a strong healthy woman that inspires other people to take care of themselves and be active no matter what their age, size, or fitness level. And that is truly something to embrace and celebrate!

Hope you have wonderful day!

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6 responses to “Letting go of the girl that use to be, embracing the beauty of who I am today!

  1. Oh for real long lost blog sisters! Love the post and the attitude! I’m such a strong supporter of letting go of the thin hang-up and celebrating the things life has to offer. Good luck on the upcoming half-marathons, those are my faves 🙂

  2. I found your post on Caitlins site, and WOW! I feel like we were destined to cross paths on the blogosphere. My post is on there too today 🙂

    I really love your message! We share the same attitude!

    Great post, and I’ll be staying tuned 🙂

  3. I agree. I too lost quite a bit of weight and then gained some back, and looking at pictures of myself 20 pounds ago can be a blow to my confidence. Then I realized that I’m far healthier now than I was then. Back then, I had no muscles and I was more self-conscious. Good for you for learning to love yourself the way you are!

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