Off the Hook!

Hey friends! What’s new in your world?

I tried something new! These:


The blog world has been a buzz about chia seeds for a long time.  I hadn’t really seen them prepackaged but found these little beauties at our Co-Op this weekend. Caitlin posted this past weekend that she found the exact same brand for $9.99 and thought that was cheap. Imagine my joy when these were only $7.50! For some health benefits of chia seed check this out. So far I’ve mixed them with some plain yogurt and blueberries for a mid morning snack and they have really kept me full!

Yesterday all I could think about was eating this


This would be my Blueberry Chocolate Glazed Cake with banana soft serve on top! So hard to believe this is healthy. All I did to make the “ice cream” was process a frozen banana until it was fluffy! It is off the hook delicious! I really feel like I am indulging in something!

Yesterday morning I told Brian I would run three miles with him. This meant getting up at 4:45am! We pretty much ran the whole way in the dark and didn’t talk. Brian says he can’t talk because it messes up his breathing. It was really hot and muggy out even though the sun wasn’t up yet. I am so proud of Brian for sticking with running! He literally went from couch potato to 5K! He’s also lost some weight. I was so glad I got up early and got my workout in because at about the time I would normally run it started pouring rain! We have plans tomorrow to go to the track near our house. I’m going to do a 5 mile tempo run and he’s going to run his three miles. Should be fun!

Thursday we are leaving for Colorado to visit our friends the Vennemen’s.  We are driving 14 hours straight on Thursday! Yikes! I have decided not to take the computer along or blog while I am out there. I truly want this to be a vacation. I’ll have lots of pictures and stories to tell when I return.

Tonight I’m teaching Zumba and then we’re headed to another Logger’s game! Gotta love summer fun! See you later!



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