Our adventure continues

Hello! Happy first day of August! Summer sure is going fast!

When I last left you we were headed out on yet another adventure. Unsatisfied by our less than savory lunch we decided to hit up the Pearl Ice Cream Parlor before heading down to the river. We all enjoyed a delicious home made ice cream treat!


Then we headed down to Riverside Park to ride our friend Eric’s boat The Mississippi Explorer. Here’s Captain Eric giving us our pre cruise instructions.


As always Captain Eric did not disappoint! We traveled down the Mississippi’s main channel and then into the back waters. We saw a ton of wild life including several bald eagles.


Best part about Eric’s boat is you can bring your own refreshments. Shannon and I shared a bottle of wine and boys enjoyed some rum and Coke.  It was a very relaxing and enjoyable trip!

After our boat ride Gardner wanted to try and get some artistic shots of the down town area. I took a few photos too but none quite as good as Gardner’s.

100_0902 This morning we ate an early breakfast and then the Gardner’s headed home 😦

I’ve just been catching up on laundry and other things around the house today. I have to head out soon for a meeting at the Y. It was a great weekend, just enough fun and relaxation! We always have a blast with the Gardner’s.

Can’t believe we’ll be in Colorado next weekend! Hope you have a good week!


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