The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Hey friends! How’s your Saturday going? We have been having a blast with the Gardners! Last weekend they took us on an adventure in the city and this weekend we’re doing it up country style!

While we waited for the Gardner’s to arrive last night we snacked on some h’ordeuvres


Fresh tomatoes from my in-law’s garden!


Our last log of venison sausage and cheese! Of course there was some beer involved. Look what Brian bought home for me!


When the Gardner’s arrived we headed out for our first Logger game of the season. It was a good came but the Logger’s lost šŸ˜¦

After the game we headed up to one of the most unique bars in the area, Leo and Leona’s. Brian use to frequent this bar when he was a young 21 year old. Leo and Leona’s was going to have to close down because Leo had died and Leona was getting too old to keep it running (she died just last month actually) but a group of local people saw the importance of keeping this historic small town bar open. It serves as a gathering place for the small farming communities on the ridge. One of owners just happens to be a long time friend and one of my professors for grad school. I’ve been up there several times but Brian hadn’t been since they reopened. We knew the Gardner’s would like it as it has a ton of fun antiques throughout the bar.


Today I got up and taught Zumba while the boys went out for breakfast and Shannon went out for a run. She’s doing a triathlon in 2 weeks! When I got home and cleaned up we head up the other ridge to visit Vernon Vineyards. This little vineyard was AWESOME. It is literally located in the middle of no where. The scenery is gorgeous and the wine was really unique and delicious. We sampled a few wines and then bought a bottle of their North Folk wine to share out on the lawn.


Then we headed to the vineyard for a little photo shoot with the empty wine bottle.


Gardner said my shot was the best! Then we sojourned onwards to Viroqua for lunch. I had been hearing through Twitter and Facebook about a new cafe that opened in Viroqua called the Optimo Cafe. I was excited to try this place as their advertisement states locally grown fresh food. I’m sorry to say I was pretty disappointed by my experience. There seemed to be very few people dining yet we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. The hostess was very kind and said it was because they were backed up in the kitchen. We finally got seated and the server asked if wanted anything to drink, but we didn’t have any menus so we didn’t know what to order. She got us our menus and they seemed to have a fine selection of beer and wine, even some from Vernon Vineyards. The boys ordered some beer. I ordered an ice tea which I never got šŸ˜¦ We all ordered something different for our sandwiches which all came with salads. I was very hopeful when I received my salad. It was very fresh and had beats on it which I love! I also got their sunshine dressing which was very good. I’m not sure what was in it but I really liked it.


Brian gave me his beets and cucumbers so don’t think that’s how much you get! I ordered the raw veggie stacked sandwich. It came on home made bread which was delicious but the rest of the sandwich was not so good. There was some lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some chopped up veggies sprinkled with shredded cheese. There was what I believe to be pesto sauce on the sandwich too but there was WAY too much it was actually dripping oil out the end…yuck! I do look like I’m enjoying it from this picture but I was REALLY hungry!


Gardner got a veggie burger which seemed like a bunch of boring beans smashed together. Brian got what claimed to be the best grilled cheese ever but was also slavered in pesto. The service was pretty poor to. When the girl delivered our food she brought us the wrong sandwich for Shannon and then didn’t even seem to know what she was delivering. In all fairness this restaurant recently opened so maybe they still have some kinks to work out. The atmosphere was very nice and it was located in this really cool indoor market filled with all sorts of interesting things to look at and buy. Still I left feeling pretty unsatisfied with my meal. We explored the cute little town of Viroqua for awhile and then headed home.


Well, the Gardner’s just got up from a nap and we’re headed out for more adventures! Hope your day is going swell!


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