Lucky 7

Hey! Happy Friday! Hope it’s a good one!

Well, I did it! I ran 7 miles!


And do you know what? It really wasn’t that bad.


The first half was a little tough, I remember thinking, “this is going to be long.” But it started raining at about mile 3. It was pretty much the perfect rain for running. Very light, just a enough to cool me down. After that the miles just flew by! I was surprised when I would check my Garmin and see just how far I had gone. I thought my time was pretty good too. I am suppose to run my long runs at a minute slower than “normal.” I find that kind of hard to do so I just take it easy and don’t push myself as I would in a shorter run. I also took two walking breaks to drink some Gatorade.

After my run I fueled up with a green smoothie and some green tea.


I rested for a bit then did a quick clean of our house, I’m so glad I spent some time deep cleaning on Monday! I showered and then headed out to Wal-Mart to buy some grocery supplies for two experiments I did this afternoon as well as some random cheese the husband wanted. While there I found some really cute clothes, at Wal-Mart of all places! I got a cute, little, cotton, summer dress, a skirt, and some really great workout clothes. The workout clothes were perfect for me, a longer pair of shorts and a really cute top. I might have to go back and get more as they were pretty cheap and I’ll be teaching so many more classes this fall, I gotta look good while I teach right?!

So, I did two baking experiments this afternoon. This is very rare for me as I usually don’t bake. In fact for one of the recipes you needed a round cake pan. I wasn’t even sure I had one. After digging around for awhile I found two both still wrapped in their original plastic! I’m sure we got them as wedding presents and we’ve been married almost four years! I’ll wait to show you what I made later as one is still in the oven and the other is waiting to be glazed but I will give you two hints. Both recipes were featured on two of the blogs I read and here’s picture of one of the recipes in its beginning stages!


The Gardner’s should be here soon. Can’t wait for a fun weekend! See you later!

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