Going Beyond the Distance

Hey blog readers! How’s it going today? Good I hope, it’s almost Friday right?!

Not much new to report around here. What I really wanted to write about today was my run that I have planned for tomorrow. According to my half marathon training plan I need to do a 7 mile long run this week and tomorrow is the day! Right now 7 miles seems SO FAR! Of course for the triathlon I had to run 6 miles and did a few training runs of that length. Last week I ran 6 miles no problem. But I really can’t remember the last time I ran more than 6 miles, probably the last time I trained for a half back in 2005. I seem to recall one time last spring when I was still doing a run/walk program I ended up doing 7 miles but didn’t think too much about it. But 7 miles? Running the whole time? Yikes! I wasn’t really sure where I should run, did I ever tell you my home town is only about 2.5 miles wide? Of course it’s a lot longer than that but you can only go so far  east or west before you run into the bluffs or the river. I mapped out what I thought would be a good course on MapMyRun.com and just keep thinking, “I’m going to run all the way to Shopko and back?” Today it seems unfathomable but not impossible. There seems to be a break in the humidity, this morning it was actually cool out. I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow morning. I’m going to get up early to get the run in right away to beat the heat (and rain?) and so I can have more time in my day. I also plan on bringing a water bottle with Gatorade and eating half of the energy bar I bought last weekend.

So those are my big plans for the morning. Tomorrow night the Gardner’s are coming to town. We are planning on going to a baseball game and then taking them up to a fun local bar. I’m teaching Zumba on Saturday morning and I think Shannon will be attending my class. Then we have more adventures planned for the afternoon and into the evening. Should be a fun weekend I’m really looking forward to it!

Tonight I’m teaching Zumba at one of the hospitals in town. I’m subbing for the regular instructor. I’m a little nervous because I know the participants are use to a certain style and we all teach different. At least at the Y they use to different instructors. Oh well, I feel well prepared so I can only do my best! I’m also toying with the idea of attending an Aqua Zumba training in August. It just happens to be on my ONLY free weekend in August. I was kind of liking the idea of having a completely free weekend but I also kind of want to take this certification plus I need the credits to maintain my other certifications. We shall see!

Have a good Thursday!

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