Words for Wednesday

Hello friends! So it’s the middle of the week already huh? Hope life is treating you well. Things have sailing along smoothly for me these days.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my friend Carolyn, or as I like to call her my “other mother.” Remember that last time she took me out? This time we went to the Three River’s Lodge. I had never been there. Before our last outing I had checked out their lunch menu and thought it sounded it pretty good. I mentioned it to Carolyn and she said next time we would go there for sure! I had the Door County Orchard Wrap. From their menu:

“smoked chicken, celery, crasins, red onion, walnuts, grapes, field greens, whole wheat wrap”

It was so good! It didn’t look very big but I was only able to finish about half of it. I also chose the wheat berry salad for my side. I have no idea what was in the salad except for wheat berries (which I had always wanted to try) but it too was delicious! Now I am obsessed with wheat berries. Be prepared to see a recipe involving them soon. The restaurant itself is located in the Radisson hotel and over looks Riverside Park and the beautiful Mississippi river. It was SUPER hot yesterday but we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the nice cool air-conditioned restaurant. The lunch prices were pretty good to. For both us ordering a sandwich with a side and ice tea was under $20! I brought my camera but didn’t feel like taking pictures I just wanted to enjoy my lunch.

I also got my fitness class schedule from the YMCA for fall. Since my hours got cut at the church I work at I told the director at the Y I was open to as many opportunities as could fit in my schedule. So starting in September I’ll be teaching Zumba every other Tuesday, Group Cycling every Wednesday, and Group Cycling and Group Strength every Thursday. Plus I’ll teach back to back GST and Zumba classes on the Saturday’s I’m free. In addition to the Y classes I’ll be teaching three Zumba classes a week at the dance studio. So on my busiest week I’ll be teaching a total of 9 classes! Crazy isn’t it! I’m either going to get really fit or be completely exhausted! Right now I’m really happy about getting to teach so much. It kind of reminds me of when I was a teacher. I only had to “prep” for two classes meaning I taught the same thing to different people. I feel I’ll be able to do this with my fitness classes. Prepare one Zumba class and teach it all week since different people attend the classes (I think). We shall see I might be regretting it come winter!

Other than that I’ve been enjoying the lazy days of summer. I love not having to work at night. Last night Brian and I went grocery shopping, made and cleaned up after dinner and had time to watch a movie we had DVRed. Nice!

Hope your week is going well and I’ll catch you later!


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