No More Fat Talk

Hey friends! Are you surviving Monday?

I was going to get up early to get a 4 mile run in but had a hard time sleeping last night and shut the alarm off. I ended up waking up at 7am, not to bad. But after I took care of the dog and woke up a little I didn’t get out for a run until almost 8am. It was already so hot! It was only about 69 degrees but the humidity was 90%! The sun was beating down on me. But I survived albeit a little sweaty! I made myself a nice icy cold green smoothie with Amazing Super Food! I swear I can feel the natural energy coursing through me! This was demonstrated in my massive house cleaning adventure this morning. It usually only takes me about an hour to clean the bathroom and do the floors but today I got sucked into deep cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. 2 1/2 hour later I have a nice sparkly house! Well, almost. I still have dusting to do.

So, a few posts back I was lamenting the fact that even though I feel fit an athletic and have accomplished some pretty amazing goals this summer I am no longer “thin.” Much as I do want to be a certain size and wear the clothes stored away in my basement I am tired with all the mind games, focus, and energy trying to get thin takes. I do want to be healthy and I think for the most part I am. I make wise choices 90% of the time and don’t deny myself treats. I do need to work more on moderating my indulgences, paying attention to portion sizes as well as my hunger level. So, I’ve decided to stop all this fat talk and move on. I am going to stay off the scale and perhaps only weight myself once a month. I’m not going to track all my calories on SprakPeople and instead pay closer attention to hunger levels and making choices that fuel my body. I tried this before and felt like I didn’t succeed, not really sure why that was. I need to cherish and love the body I have. I need to recognize the amazing things it can do and honor it by feeding it nourishing food. I’m still going to check in with SparkPeople for recipes and workout ideas, it’s such a great site!

I have to run a few errands all around town. I’m going to attempt to do this all by bike. We shall see, it could be a bad decision. It’s 84 degrees, with a hear index of 86 degrees 50% humidity. What a hot summer! Catch you later!


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