More adventures!

Hey friends! I hope as your weekend is ending well. I’m hanging out with the dog watching Extreme Makeover Home edition (and perhaps shedding a tear or two).

Yesterday, after I left you, Shannon, Brian, Brian, and I headed out to a restaurant called Shamrock’s so the men could prove their manliness by eating some insanely hot chicken wings! Unfortunately my Brian said his stomach wasn’t feeling too good due to the fact that he drank a Bloody Mary earlier with some serious horseradish in it. The other Brian decided not to do the wing challenge either. Bummer!

One of the things I LOVE about Shannon is we have similar eating habits. After scouring the vast menu I had a few ideas of what I wanted to have for lunch. It really hadn’t been that long since I had my breakfast spring roll so I wasn’t STARVING and I really wasn’t sure what I was feeling like eating. I asked Shannon what she was thinking of having. Turns out we had similar ideas of ordering a half order of naked (no skin or bones) wings and maybe another appetizer. It was perfect as we ordered different apps and split them. Perfect! I also ordered a Smithwick’s.


After lunch we were going to try and go to the Fluttug but traffic  was REDICULOUS! We decided to try and see the event from a bridge but we really couldn’t see much. But we did get a beautiful look at the St. Paul skyline and the mighty Mississippi.


We headed back to the Gardner’s house where we all took a nap and sat on their patio reading and relaxing. It was HEAVENLY, just like being on vacation! Then if was time to get ready for the Barbecue!

Gardner made some crazy burgers stuffed with barbequed pork and cheese! Shannon bought bison burger for Brian and myself as we don’t eat much beef and it sometimes disagrees with us.


The burgers were INSANE! We also ate leftover food from the tailgating party. I didn’t take any more pictures the rest of the evening. It was a great night of hanging out with new and old friends and eating good food!

This morning we headed back to the Black Dog for coffee and a light breakfast (since we were still pretty full from last night!). I had a bagel with lox (sorry no picture) a rare and delicious treat. Then we headed back home as the Gardner’s had a wedding to attend this afternoon. I pretty much read the whole drive home, I haven’t read a book for fun since before grad school so I am really enjoying some pleasure reading, without my high lighter in hand!

When we got back I started the laundry and headed to the Co-op to get some fresh produce for the week ahead. As I was headed to the checkout counter I was stopped in my tracks by a sale display. Look what they had!


AMAZING GRASS SUPERFOOD! This has been all the rage in the blog world since I’ve been reading healthy living blogs almost a year ago. They didn’t sell them anywhere near La Crosse! I actually ordered some online once and Gardner brought me some from Whole Foods once but I was reluctant to buy any more. I was so excited to see this being carried locally and they were having a 25% off sale. I resisted the urge to buy a big tub of it as I’m still not sure how much I would use this. The Co-op has always carried Larabar’s but we don’t always get the yummy flavors I see in the blog world. I got Peanut Butter and Jelly and Cinnamon Roll!  These were also on sale of $0.99! Can’t wait to try these products. I LOVE the town we live in but being a smaller town in the Midwest we don’t always get all the products or have some of the stores that I see in other parts of the country so it’s exciting when new products come to town.

Our weekend with the Gardner’s went too fast but the good news is they are coming to visit us next weekend! We have lots of fun things planned for them!

Have a good night and hope you’re ready to tackle another week!


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