Live Action Blogging!

Hey blog world! What’s happening on your Saturday morning? It’s only 11:00am and I feel like I’ve ton so much already! Fortunately they have all been fun things!

We headed up to the Twin Cities area as soon as Brian got done with work. the first stop on our adventure was Miesville to see the Mudhens’ last home game of the season. Of course some tailgating ensued.


From left to right Shannon, Brian, my Brian, me, Barb, and Lori. After awhile we headed into the game.


Once the sun went down the temperature cooled off and we enjoyed a great night of baseball. The Mudhens won 10-1! The game didn’t end until almost 11:00pm. We headed back to the Gardner’s place in St. Paul for a good night’s sleep.

This morning Shannon and I got up and ran 6 miles while the boys went fishing! It was good six miles. We went around lake Phalen twice! Lot’s of people were out running and walking. After  some much needed showers we headed down to the St. Paul’s Farmer’s Market.


But first we stopped at the Black Dog Cafe so I could get a coffee (what has come over me lately?) it was delicious!



The farmer’s market in St. Paul is HUGE and there were a ton of people there. I didn’t stop to take many pictures because I didn’t want to hold up the line of people traffic but the produce was BEAUTIFUL and everything looked an smelled so fresh.


I bought a Driving Force,  homemade, all natural energy bar that I’m going to save for my 7 mile run next week!


For breakfast I had my first ever spring roll!

100_0808 OH MY GOSH! I LOVED it! The flavors were amazing and I thought the texture of the rice paper was really unique. I will definitely be on the look out for these back home. Shannon bought some food for our cookout tonight and then we headed home. I enjoyed a little cantaloupe when we got back. I’m just loving the photo opts in Shannon’s kitchen!


Isn’t her  kitchen cute!



Well supposedly the boys are going to take part in a wing eating competition and then we might head down to Flugtag! Should be an adventure!

I can’t seem to connect to the Internet here so hopefully I can get this blog posted to you in real time!


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