Before there were blogs

Hello friends and hello Friday! I hope you have some fun things planned for this week, I sure do! More on that later!

Last night the husband and I went on an impromptu date! It was pretty rainy and gloomy out. Brian was going to go watch a friend play in a softball game but didn’t think the weather would hold out. I checked out the movies playing at the Rivoli, our local cheap theater.


Robin Hood just happen to start at 7:10pm and was a movie my husband was hoping to see. I can’t say I had a huge need to see this movie but I thought it would be fun and it was! Very good movie and good story about what happened to Robin Hood before he became a legend. The movies are pretty cheap there about $3 for adults because they normally show movies that have been out for awhile and are about ready to head to DVD. But we ended up spending about $18 because we treated ourselves to some special treats!


I tried this organic beer from the Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It was really good! Brian got some fancy beer that they had on tap. It was a fun night but the air conditioning was not working in the theater and Brian was sweating bullets by the time the show was done!

Today we are going on an ADVENTURE! We are heading up to St. Paul Minnesota to spend the weekend with our friends the Gardner’s! Remember our trip this past spring? We always have a fun time when we’re with the Gardner’s! Tonight we are heading to a small town baseball game. We plan on tailgating before the game and I have been a mean lean chopping machine all morning preparing the dishes I’m going to bring.

First up Curry Honey Hummus from Ashley. If you like curry you’ll LOVE this. So flavorful. Very east to make and I had most of the ingredients on hand!


Plus all the veggies I chopped up to go with it!


About two weeks ago, before I left on the mission trip Brian and I attended his family picnic. There was a TON of food. I surveyed all the salads most of which had pasta and mayo. I saw one that I thought looked the healthiest, but you never can tell. It had rice and beans and veggies in it. When I sat down and ate it I kept proclaiming how good this salad was! Turns out Brian’s cousin who was sitting right next to us made it! And it was VERY healthy! She said it was from the Eat Clean Diet cookbook. She said she would be happy to share it with me. I won’t reprint the recipe here because of copy right laws and I haven’t been able to find a link to it on line. Let’s just say it’s full of veggies of every color and the only dressing on it is olive oil and lemon juice. It is SO GOOD!  And pretty too!



Of course I had to sample some for lunch along with my last In a Jiffy Curry Chickpea Burger


Before blogs were even invented I use to journal. I journaled A LOT! Almost every day actually. I have about a dozen had written journals that I kept throughout my years growing up. I’m trying to get back to the practice of hand journaling for my own spiritual nourishment. That’s what led me to revisit some of my older journals and look what I found! This was written EXACTLY 10 years ago today!

July 23, 2000

“We left this morning before the sun had even reached the land and drove in the early morning light to Centennial Park where we prepared to do what we had worked so long and hard for. I stood nervously and excitedly in the thigh high water as Sally Edwards slapped my hand and I cried. 7 months ago I couldn’t run 2 blocks and I certainly didn’t think I could do this triathlon. We counted down from 10 and then it all began, splashing, kicking, swimming. Then onto the bike were I kept a comfortable pace for 12 miles and then ran starting out slow but then picking it up and picking off people as I speeded into the finish line. It was totally amazing. 2,200 women all celebrated life, health and themselves. It was awesome. I never thought I be into this. I loved it. I want to do another one soon! I feel like I could do anything now..and I’m going to..anything I set my mind to.”

Wow! I’m glad I wrote that down and saved it! I can’t believe I’m still doing triathlons!

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday’s post. I’m still thinking about what I want to do and how I feel about the whole fit but not thin issue. I’ll keep you posted!

I have to pack up the doggie and take her over to grandma and grandpa’s house then pack up our car! Maybe see you later!


2 responses to “Before there were blogs

  1. If “July 23, 2010” was ten years ago, are you writing to us from the future? 😉


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