Back in Action

Hey there! I am still recovering from the mission trip but I am almost feeling back to “normal.” I just want you to know that the pictures in tonight’s post are all because of my husband! He saw my dinner plate and said, “Now that should be put on your blog! Look at all those colors!” He also cooked dinner I might add but first onto other things!

Yesterday I went to yoga at the Y with favorite instructor Mandy. I have not been going to yoga at all this summer! It was glorious! But today my arms were really sore! I must get back into my yoga routine. Other than that Brian and I did our bi-monthly big grocery shopping trip, I went to church, I did the laundry, finished writing a paper for grad school, and sat around watching movies and trying to catch up on blogs (I’m still 51 behind!).

Today I slept in and it was WONDERFUL! Except for by the time I got up it was already pretty hot! It has been such a sweltering summer! All I had on my running plan was a 3 mile easy run. I was tempted not to catch up on the blogs and mark them all as read but then I would have missed Angela’s post on negative splits. I took her advice and check out these mileage times!

Mile 1: 9:52

Mile 2: 9:06

Mile 3: 8:52!

3 miles in 27:55

I was particularly proud of mile 3! It was a hard run but I felt so good when I was done! When I got back from my run I stretched and  enjoyed day 3 of having a green smoothie for breakfast!

I cleaned the casa today and also got back in the kitchen to make these tasty veggie burgers also from Angela! They were so delicious! Very heavy on the curry. If you don’t like curry these might not be your thing but I love curry so these were right up my alley! They were also quick and easy to make. I’m glad I got to add another veggie burger recipe to my collection!

Now onto dinner. Check out this beautiful plate!




This would be sweet potato fries, broccoli fresh from our garden, and the husband’s special  venison burgers! I won’t say what exactly is in them besides  venison but they are THE BEST! You can see the husband enjoying a big bite of his in the background!


I also enjoyed a glass (or two) of McManis Pinot Grigio. Now we are just chilling out watching a movie we DVRed! Tomorrow it’s back to the office and then Zumba! Haven’t taught in two weeks! Hope I’m not too rusty! Have a good night!


2 responses to “Back in Action

  1. WOW great job on the run!!!!

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