Mission Accomplished!

Hey! I’m back! Wow! A whole week without blogging! I did miss it but I truly was working and I’m sure you would have gotten tired with all my blabbering about taking care of 7 teenagers! We traveled to Cedar Rapids Iowa where two years ago there was a devastating flood that they are still recovering from. We worked in a low income neighborhood scraping and painting houses and doing liter clean up. It was a lot of hard work but very rewarding. Here are my 7 kids outside the house we painted.


I love teenagers  and I was really lucky to have such a good bunch of kids, but let me tell you no one should have seven at one time! I am exhausted!

My eating on the trip was absolutely TERRIBLE! I’m talking sugary cereal, regular peanut butter, white bread, artificial flavors, very few veggies and way too many treats! My body was definitely feeling the unhealthy effects of this food. I thoroughly enjoyed my green smoothie this morning. It’s time to get back to healthy eating!

I did manage to get two runs in while I was on the trip. I did the first one before our first day of work so I still felt pretty fresh. Four of the seven kids came with me! We ran down this long country road flank on both sides with corn fields! I also ran on the last day of work.It was hard to get up early knowing I would be doing physical work all day but I did it! I’m glad I kept up with my running. It made my 5 mile run this morning a little easier!

When I got home last night Brian and I went out for Sushi! It was the perfect, light, meal after a crazy busy week. I wish I could remember what each of the Sushi rolls were called but I can’t!


I do know the one in the middle is the Queen Roll! I ordered that one!


Check out Brian’s mad chopstick skills!


I was actually glad Brian woke me up early so I could get in that 5 mile run before it go too hot. It also gave me the whole day to relax and recover. I’ve been catching up on my DVRed shows,  catching up on Facebook, and reading blog posts. I have 160 waiting for me in my Google Reader! Yikes! I might also need a nap later, I am still so tired!

Hope you are having a great Saturday and it is great to be back!


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