Bits and pieces

Hiiiiiiiii! Happy Friday! I know for some people it was a short week but Friday is always a welcome sight don’t you think? Mine has been very nice and quiet.

Last night we met up with Brian’s friend Trent and his wife Michelle. They are in town from Colorado! Trent’s mom lives just down the street from us and hosted a pizza party for Trent, his family, and all their local friends who they hardly get to see. We will actually be heading out to Colorado in August to visit them! Trent and Michelle have three adorable daughters, Annika who’s four, Mikala who just turned three, and Alyssa who is 16 months old. Check out these cutie pies!








Aren’t they adorable? Brian got a picture of me with Annika, Mikala, and Sidney a little girl who’s parents were also at the party.


I think Mikala has some chocolate ice cream on her chin! It was a very fun night. I also had a new to me beer.


Berghoff Sundown Dark. Their web-site is under construction other wise I would link it for you. They brew out of Monroe Wisconsin. I usually don’t like dark beer but this was really good. Pam also had an awesome salad bar and a couple types of pizza. Sorry, didn’t snap a photo for you!

Today I’ve been packing for the mission trip, writing a paper for grad school and I taught a Group Strength Class at the Y. I did find some time for some fun kitchen experiments. I made a FABULOUS batch of Overnight Oats with Banana Blueberry Softserve!




I also whipped up a batch of almond butter. The last time I made almond butter it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I added too much vanilla and it was really dry and sticky. I decided not to add any vanilla this time and if it got to the sticky point and just wouldn’t smooth out I would add a little oil. Guess what? It turned out perfectly!


I did add a little cinnamon at the end. I ate some with some raw carrots and it was still warm! Yum! I will never buy expensive nut butter again. It’s so easy and much cheaper to make yourself!

I’ve also have  Buffalo Chicken Lasagna simmering away in this bad boy!


My house smells AMAZING! This is the one of Brian’s favorites!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Tonight we are headed out to Trent’s dad’s hobby farm to hang out some more. Maybe this time I’ll actually take some pictures of the adults!


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