I work in a construction zone!

Hey there! What’s shake’n? I’m not sure if I mentioned this but the church where I work is currently under construction. On most days it’s just slightly annoying but today has been terrible! The humidity finally broke so I have the windows open. BUT there is a GIANT crane out side my window loading stuff onto the roof! Not to mention the workers yelling back and forth to each other. It is very loud and obnoxious! I’ll be glad to get out of this war zone for a few days.

I’ve been pretty busy gearing up for the mission trip and when I’m not doing that I’m spending some quality time with Brian since I won’t see him for a whole week! I will miss him the most, then my doggie then it’s a toss up between the Internet and green smoothies!

Last night we did our bi-annual terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, dinner. I ate pretty clean most of yesterday and today. It was delicious though and  totally worth it! After we ate we drove out to River Trail Cycles to check out hybrid bikes for Brian! He tried out about 4 of them. He said they definitely felt smoother and easier to ride then his current bike. They also fit him more comfortably. BUT he wasn’t ready to buy one quite yet. I think he was surprised at the price. I pointed out that if he takes care of it it will probably be the last bike he ever buys and the money is worth feeling comfortable. I really hope he gets one and maybe I can get one too. I would love to share a fun activity like biking with him. I didn’t try any bikes but I wish I would have. I’ve never been on a hybrid and he said the ones with shocks felt awesome.

Today I went for a very sweaty 3 mile run. Even though the humidity broke it was still pretty muggy this morning. I usually walk the dog before I run and kept thinking about how I really didn’t want to run in the heat. Then I reminded myself that it was only 3 miles. I actually felt pretty awesome while running and kept a pretty good pace. The tendon on the inside of my left shin has really been hurting me and I was worried about running but it felt fine.

Tonight we are meeting up with Brian’s friend from Colorado and his family. Should be a pretty good picture taking opportunity! Hopefully a more creative post will be in my future!


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