Run’n around!

Hey there! Happy Monday Tuesday to you. That long weekend sure went by fast! Brian and I got home safe and sound from our 4th of July celebrations. Let me tell you it’s been a crazy few weeks what with grad school and all. This week is sort of normal. We have some friends coming in from Colorado that we are going to be spending some time with. On Sunday I leave for a whole week to take the high school youth from my church on a mission trip. I will be totally unplugged for a whole week. I’m not sure now I’ll be able to handle it. Just being unable to check Google Reader when I was busy with grad school for 4 days left me with about 50 posts to read. What’s going to happen when I don’t check it for a week? I don’t even want to think about it!

I bet you are wondering how my plan to get to a healthy weight is going. Well, the first week I was in grad school I did really well avoiding the snacks and such. I managed to eat sensibly at the meals that were provided. The second week, not so much, and then came the 4th of July. So, food has not been good. There has also been a lot more wine and beer in my diet these days. There have been days when I know my body was not eating good for me food and I felt it. I actually start to crave things like green smoothies and salads. I am trying to load on the good for me foods this week before I spend a week with teenagers who can eat anything and everything!

My exercise plan has been going well. When I don’t have to teach a class I run 4-5 miles. I’ve also managed to get in at least 2 strength training sessions in per week. I actually officially started half marathon training this weekend. I am using this plan from Marathon Training Academy. I actually did the hill workout for next week on Sunday since I was in a hilly place on Sunday and next week I’ll be in a very flat place (Iowa). I am going to try and run at least twice while I’m on the mission trip. It’s going to be hard though because we have to get up so early to get to our work site. The kids also like to stay up late and I know I’ll be exhausted. Maybe running will help me keep my energy up! I’m also going to try and squeeze in some mini strength training workouts mainly doing push ups and some core work.

So, that’s my plan for now. This summer is turning out to be busier than I anticipated. But, it’s a good busy!


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