Summer Recipes Part 1

Howdy! I’m back! It has been a whirlwind 4 days, not quite as intense as my first class though. I really love my grad program. If you ever have any questions about it please email me. I’d love to share my experience.

Awhile back I promised you some recipes. Here is the first one, I got it from the June issue of Real Simple and only made some very minor adjustments. I made it on a SUPER hot day when Brian was working outside all day. I knew a cool refreshing salad would be perfect for dinner. You can get the full recipe here. I started out by seasoning the chicken breasts with all the spices. Instead of pan frying them I put them on the George Foremen grill. That way I could set the timer and let them cook while I chopped the veggies.


100_0294 Wow! Those were some big chicken breasts! I also like how they suggested making the couscous. You simply pour hot water over the couscous and cover while you work on the rest of the meal.

100_0296 All my fresh veggies! I used these pretty golden tomatoes in addition to some grape tomatoes I had in my fridge. They are super sweet! I also loved using the fresh basil. The snap peas came from out garden!


I made the couscous in a big bowl so I could add the veggies as I chopped.

100_0303  100_0305 100_0304 100_0306

After I mixed the veggies, the chicken, and the couscous together it was time to make the dressing. I just love using fresh lemon zest and lemon juice. I’m not sure where I learned this trick but if you hold the lemon in your palm seeds up and squeeze then you get the juice but not the seeds! I only used 2 tsp of oil versus 2 TBSP. I thought I’d make it a little healthy but I’ll admit it was a little dry.


All mixed up! So colorful!

100_0310 This was super refreshing and light! It tasted very fresh and healthy. I wasn’t sure if Brian would like it but he did! He especially liked the spicy chicken. It did take me a little longer than I excepted to chop everything up. I would definitely try making just the chicken as the recipe suggests.

More fun summer recipes to come! We are headed out to Brian’s brother’s house tomorrow VERY early. Brian’s sister, brother-in-law and our nephews are coming over from Detroit for the holiday weekend. I can’t wait to see them! I think I’ll bring the computer along and share the fun times with you!

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