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Howdy! How’s your Tuesday going? It is BEAUTIFUL here in Wisconsin! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I went into the office and it’s the only time I’ll be at work all week so I was pretty busy. I didn’t get home until after 7pm and didn’t have the energy to post! I’ve got lots of fun things to post about so don’t you worry!

As I mentioned in a few of my most recent posts I am currently taking grad school classes. My program of study is called The Master’s in Servant Leadership and takes place locally at Viterbo University. The course I am taking for the next four days is called Stewardship and today this was my classroom for the day.


This is the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center located near Baraboo Wisconsin. We read his book The Sand County Almanac for class and went on a little field trip  to experience the inspiration for his book first hand. It was the most perfect day to spend outside enjoying nature and discussing the beauty of nature and our responsibility to it. I had a lot of fun taking beautiful and creative pictures.


100_0334  100_0341

My favorite one!


We took a little hike to “the shack.” In the 1930’s  Leopold bought this land which  use to have a farm on it. “The Shack” was the old chicken coop. He and his family fixed up the shack and used it and the land as a vacation spot.


He didn’t write his book here but took field notes about the environment and later turned these into the essays featured in his book.

This is Anna our excellent tour guide for the day!


This picture can only be described as “three old guys on a bench” (They told me to take a picture of them and call it that)


That’s Tom one of our professors with Jim and Allen my classmates. The shack is located just a few feet from the Wisconsin River. We took a walk down to check it out and it was gorgeous today!


100_0399   It was such a fun day! Tomorrow it’s back to our regular classroom but there will be a few more field trips this week. I learned so much by experiencing the land Leopold wrote about firsthand. You may be wondering what this all has to do with healthy living but in order for us to be healthy our Earth needs to be healthy. In order for the Earth to be healthy we need to work to make it healthy. We can only do this by having a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beauty of this land. Back to my regular ramblings soon!

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2 responses to “Back to School

  1. Gorgeous photos! I too love your favorite one and the guys on a bench, hilarious!

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