A Vision in Pink

Hey hey hey there! How’s the end of your weekend going? I use to hate Sunday nights but since I usually don’t work on Monday’s they’re not too bad….I do have to work tomorrow though 😦

From the title of my blog you may have gathered that I have an affinity for girly colors, especially pink! To read about how I decided to name my blog check out this post. Here I am this morning after a morning run, a vision in pink!


I got this pink running shirt at T.J. Max yesterday. See how it matches my pink Zune and my pink BondiBand? Even my face is a nice shade of pink! Last night turned into a bit of wild debauchery.  Brian worked all day for a friend of ours and I met up with them later in the evening and let’s just say there was regular beer involved and a frozen pizza not to mention staying up until 1:30am. I got to sleep in this morning but knew wanted to start the day off with a good run. Man was it humid out! I must be getting use to it though because my pace was the best it’s been all summer. I busted out 4 sweaty miles in 38 minutes. When I got home I did Polly’s Yoga for Runners to stretch out and this great core workout from SparkPeople. Check out my yoga room!


I also knew it would be important to get some activity in since I would be doing this most of the day.


I have a final paper due for grad school and I’ve been working on it most of the day. I got a good start on it but have about 2.5 pages left to write and I am totally blocked! I’ve put it away for now, hopefully I’ll get my mojo back tomorrow. 

I’ve added one more little pink accent to my life! I made the mistake of wandering into the home section of T.J. Max and found so many adorable dishes and kitchen items. I just had to buy this mug for my morning cup of green tea.



You can’t see it but it says, “Always a princess” How perfect is that?!

I have a really great summer recipe to share with you but I think I’ll save that for another day. I’ve been staring at this computer way too long! Hope you’re all geared up for the week ahead. I know I’ve got a busy one! I work tomorrow and then have 4 days of grad school. Then we are headed out of town for the 4th of July. Crazy! How did summer get so busy?


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