Once in a Blue Moon

Hey friends! How’s your Saturday treating you? Mine has been very productive!

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. Last weekend when we went out for my father-in-law’s birthday we passed the Blue Moon restaurant. Both my mother-in-law and I commented on how we had never been there. So, she decided that’s where she’d like to go on her birthday.



As you can see from the cover of the menu you this place was established in 1924!  It has quite the history. You can read all about it here. I really liked the blue water glasses.


I started out with a glass of Prairie Fume from the Wollersheim Winery near Madison Wisconsin.


It was so delicious! Light with just a hint of sweetness. I have never been to the Wollersheim Winery and have only tasted their wine at friend’s houses since you buy their wine at our local grocery stores. After this tasty sample I would really like to visit and try some of there other wines.

The Blue Moon had a FANTASTIC salad bar. Look at this bad boy!


They also had soup on their salad bar. I had the tomato ravioli.


Very tasty! Everyone else had beer cheese soup and said it too was good. For my entree I had grilled salmon with garlic mashed potatoes. I started to dig in before I could snap a picture!

100_0287 This was pretty freak’n amazing! I am really picky about my fish and normally don’t order it when I go out with the exception of salmon. This salmon literally melted in my mouth! Plus it was huge! The potatoes were real too, they even had the skins mashed in which I love and were very flavorful!


I could only eat about half of my salmon and my potatoes. Everyone else really enjoyed their meals. And they even gave the birthday girl a special treat!


That’s raspberry ice cream covered with white chocolate! She shared some with us and it was AWESOME!


I really liked this restaurant. The food wasn’t particularly unique but it was REALLY good. The price was a little high but the quality of food was worth it. Plus it was a nice casual atmosphere, I actually felt too dressed up wearing my Friday dress up clothes.   

After we came home from dinner Brian wanted to try is bike out since he hasn’t ridden it all year. We pumped up the tires and took a ride through the marsh. It was so much fun riding with him! Running has not been going well for him. His knees have been giving him a lot of pain. Nothing seems to help not icing, not knee sleeves, not even running on a treadmill. I feel really bad for him because he’s so frustrated and really does want to run. We are thinking about getting him a hybrid bike for riding around and I might get one too! Since my run around bike is from when I was 10 and doesn’t quite fit me right! It would be really fun to bike together.

So far today I’ve taught two classes at the Y (group strength and Zumba) and cleaned my very dirty house! It seems the cleaning fairy forgot to come while I was at grad school! I’m going to jump in the shower soon and maybe head out to the mall area to check out sun dresses at Old Navy. I should be working on my final paper for my previous grad school class (before the next on starts on Tuesday!) but I just need a break!

Hope you have a great day and stay cool! It’s very hot and humid here today!


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