Hey friends! It’s Friday! Yay! Actually I have been so confused about what day of the week it is lately Friday doesn’t mean too much to me! I love how summer does that to you!

Not much new to report here. I went for a nice hot sweaty run thie morning doing one of my favorite routes backwards. I ran a little over 5 miles in about 52 minutes, my longest run since the triathlon.

My dad pointed out to me something I need to clarify (hi dad!). In my post yesterday I mentioned how many calories I was burning during triathlon training versus now. What I should have clarified was that those were the calories I was burning through exercise in addition to what I burn simply by living, breathing, eating and sleeping which is called your Basal Metabolic Rate. According to SparkPeople my BMR is 1,879 calories burned per day. This is based on my age, weight, and how sedentary and active my job is. SparkPeople also states that this is not 100% accurate. I think you actually need medical tests done to know what your exact BMR is.

In other news I did something crazy today! I wore a dress to work! I rarely ever wear dresses or skirts but just felt like it. I have this cute comfy dress that I never wear so instead of casual Friday I’m having dressed up Friday. Once a week I’m responsible for taking pictures of the construction going on in our chapel. I felt pretty funny walking around the construction site in my dress. I did a few self photos just for your enjoyment!


100_0274 Don’t worry! I go in there after all the workers go home so I was safe! It is so gross and dirty in there. My arm was covered with dust from leaning against the scaffolding!

One more picture of this cute little (okay so she’s not little) bugger I found snoozing in my bed!


What a spoiled princess!

Hope you have a good weekend! We’re going out tonight to a new to me restaurant for my mother-in-law’s birthday!


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