What the crazy people do!

Hey friends! How the heck is it Thursday already? I feel like I haven’t accomplished very much this week! Except that is, riding my bike 45 miles yesterday! Oh yes! And making this AWESOME triathlon video.

For the last 8 years some friends, who I met while teaching in a different part of the state, travel to Lanesboro Minnesota to bike The Root River Trail. They bike every inch of the trail in 4 days. I’ve joined them a few times only biking 1-2 days. They always talked about “The Ride to Harmony!” They said this was the most challenging part of the trails with hills for the last 6-8 miles BUT waiting at the top was the BEST pie in the world! Last summer I swore I would go to Lanesboro and do “The Ride to Harmony” but I never did. I really wanted to do this ride and spend some time with my friends. I knew they would ride Wednesday after my triathlon. I didn’t know if my body would be properly rested but I still really wanted to do it.

I got up nice and early on Wednesday and drove to Lanesboro to meet my friends by 9am. The worst part was the drive! There was construction and a really hilly winding road! But I finally made it and had no trouble finding them in this quaint little town.


Three of my friends ride these really cool recumbent tricycles they can hook together and ride tandem.


It was the perfect day for a bike ride, nice and sunny, a little warm but not too hot! I also met a really nice couple from the Twin Cities Area. “The Ride to Harmony” was in fact challenging but I didn’t seem to have too much trouble. We road at a nice comfortable face and took in the beautiful scenery!


It took us a little less than two hours to get there. We ate at the restaurant that had the best pie BUT they only had three flavors and none of them sounded very good. Has anyone heard of Graham Cracker pie? I know I sure haven’t! Another couple who didn’t bike the whole route met us via car and had homemade lemon bars made with lemons from their tree in Arizona! They were better than the pie I think!

The ride back to Lanesboro was much faster due to the downhill. I felt pretty good the whole ride except for the last 4 miles I was ready to be done and drink a cold beer! We did just that at the hotel my friends were staying at. They had a really nice patio where we grilled out and just soaked in the day. In total I road 45 miles in about 3 hours and 28 minutes! It was such a fun day I really enjoyed myself. My only regret was that I couldn’t stay longer. I just couldn’t afford to take the time off what with grad school just around the corner plus I don’t know if I could handle more biking after the tri. Actually I feel pretty good today and I’m kind of itching to run, too bad it’s hot as heck out there!

Sorry there aren’t more pictures. My friends took some pretty nice ones and I hope they email them to me so I can post them. Hope you’re having a great day!


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