Trying to stay busy!

Hi! Happy Friday!I am nearing the end of my taper week and I haven’t gone crazy….yet! Actually with all the free time I have on my hands I am trying very hard to stay busy!

Last night after work I picked up my race packet at the Y. Check out the swag!


We got a bunch of coupons to local businesses, a complete healthy teeth set with tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss, aome Hammer Gel (like GU) a pen, a cool mini first aide kit to keep in your purse, and of course a really cool running singlet!

100_0146 100_0147 

I love that we got this instead of a t-shirt, definitely more useful! Last night I also made a new nut butter. Basic, natural, peanut butter!


100_0149  This whipped up really fast and was super creamy without adding anything to it.Why would you buy nut butter when it is so east to make?

I also did some knitting while I watched a movie with Brian and read part of a book for grad school.

Today I had off but I was up bright and early. I made something new for breakfast. Unfortunately my pictures didn’t turn out very well because it was really dark and gloomy this morning. I made toasted pumpkin spiced quinoa with pumpkin yogurt. I got the recipe here from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point. It was just okay. The texture was really weird and it didn’t keep me full like a smoothie or oats would. I find this odd as quinoa has protein in it. It sure made my house smell yummy though!

I managed to walk the doggie before a big storm rolled in. While it was raining I worked on some Zumba songs. I’ve also been trying to get all my work done for grad school which starts in a week!

Tonight we are meeting up with one of Brian’s good friends Joe and his ADORABLE daughters. I hope to take lots of pictures. That reminds me! I also made a dessert to bring to tonight’s gathering. It’s a “mock” chocolate eclair dessert. You can find the recipe here. It isn’t the healthiest recipe but I did use low-fat graham crackers, fat free, sugar free pudding, and light whipped topping. I’m pretty sure that the whole can of chocolate frosting I used canceled all that out! I still can’t wait to try a piece!

That’s all for now! I’m on pins and needles waiting for the tri!


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