What she ate….

Well it’s official….I’m obsessed with Glee! I never watched the show until one of the high school kids I work with lent me Season 1 Vol. 1. I watched the whole thing in two weeks. So addicting! Now I have to figure out how to watch the rest of the episodes from this season since you can only see the last 5 on Hulu!

Perhaps you are wondering if I am doing anything different in regards to my diet before the triathlon this Sunday. The answer is yes, and no. One thing I have done, but have not mentioned on the blog, is I haven’t had one sip of alcohol for 4 weeks. I’m not sure why I decided to do this. it’s not like I’m a huge drinker. I have been known to have a glass of wine or beer in the evening or a maybe a couple at a social event. I guess I just didn’t want the temptation to be there and I thought if I cut it out completely it wouldn’t be there. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I don’t really miss it. If I wouldn’t have cut it out for the past month I probably would have for at least the week before. Other than that I have been trying to eat as clean as possible eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and limiting my sugars. I’ve been trying to get some good carbs in there too. On Saturday night we are planning to go out to an Italian place for pasta. I really want to go out for pizza after the tri and most likely will have beer with my pizza! I don’t think doing an event entitles you to eat whatever you want. Before the race I want to consume food that will provide my body with the energy I need for the race. Afterwards I want to replenish the calories I burned, which I am estimating to be over 2,000! I think a little splurge on pizza will be okay!

After work I’m picking up my race packet! So excited! Today is one of my total rest days. The only exercise I did was walking the dog. It’s really weird to not be exercising, especially when I was use to working out 6 times a week sometimes exercising more than once a day! That’s all I have for now! Hope you’re having a good day, it’s almost Friday!


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